pics of what I've been doing...BEFORE

lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)May 7, 2008

This is the side of the house which is going to be the butterfly measures 17ftx36ft.

This is where i moved all the stones from!!

This is the butterfly garden but at a different angle.

This is where the shade garden is going to go, behind the bench.

I don't have my after pics yet...still working on those!


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what a pretty area to work with! cant wait to see your after pics
what all are you planting in there?

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WOW linda that's alot of work!! you have been busy!! no wonder you were so tired of them rocks!! they were tiny rocks!!
yes!! i can't wait to see the after pics,....mmmmmm some during pics too!! ya, to see if my mess is like everyone else's!! LOL **big grinn** LOL

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Wow Linda you have a wonderful place to work with...where are you putting the rocks ?

You can do inbetween pics too...we love to see them as the work goes along !

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

I'm putting the rocks around other beds that I have decided to do. I do have a pic of the mess on my side porch that I'll post as well as some gardens I've finished and some that I'm starting. I spent three hours today preparing the bed behind the bench. That one runs about 6 1/2 ft by 14 ft wide.
I'm planting shade and partial shade plants in the one behind the bench. All kinds of butterfly attacting flowers in the "yet to be even touched" butterfly bed. I have a variety of plants in the one by the walk. I can't plant too much yet because we still may get a cold snap. It isn't really safe to plant much before Memorial Day so we just spend all of our time preparing beds and moving stuff around..."L"

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