Beware: Do not get tape on your stamps

west_texas_peg(8a West Cen TX)May 28, 2008

Had a bubble envelope returned today. I taped the end and did not realize I got tape on the postage stamps. The note said I had damaged the stamps by taping them.

I had my husband drop this one off at the outside box at the post office on Sunday when he left town for work because my post office is one that overcharges on postage...they do not believe any bubble envelope can go for 80cents. I put 3 stamps on it to be safe...note on the envelope says I owe $1.17 in postage, it has one packet of seeds in it.

I removed the tape from the stamp area and put 3 more stamps on it so I can mail from my mailbox since my husband is still out of town. Will see if it is returned again.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


my post office is one that overcharges on postage...they do not believe any bubble envelope can go for 80cents.

Well, actually the rate is 83 cents for a bubble envy qualifying for the Large Envelope rate.

Why not drop the Postmaster General himself an email telling of this?

Postmaster General John E. (Jack) Potter
475 L'Enfant Plaza SW
Washington, DC 20260-3100

And while you are at it maybe mention:(copied from another thread)
I suggest you mention that this a nationwide problem.
Roughly up to 50% of the Post Offices across the country have been overcharging for over a year now. They are charging parcel rate for all padded mailers
Site that there has been overcharging discovered in

Tell him that it has gone on entirely too long, and the nationwide problem needs addressed....right down to each and every window clerk. Tell him that is has been discovered numerous times that often the Postmaster/Mistress was not even aware of the correct charge. There is proof of that in several threads.


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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Tape UNDER stamps is fine to promote easy peeling, but just one bit OVER the stamps and they reject it. It has happened to me as well.

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Any time a stamp has any markings on it, or tape, it's assumed that the stamp has been previously used. And yes, unfortunately, some people do put tape on their unused stamps by mistake, but more often than you'd believe, we catch people re-using the postage, which is a HUGE no-no. So, whenever we find suspect postage, we return the package so the sender can try again.
Another thing we find a lot of is people will order something, open it, then try to return it without paying any postage. Once a package is opened, it becomes the responsibility of the person opening it up to pay for the return postage. If you receive something you don't want, simply don't open it up, mark it Return To Sender, and whoever sent it to you will then be responsible for paying the return postage.
If you ever have any questions about this, or anything else, all it takes is a question or two for your local mailman. We're simply trying to help you receive and send your mail in a timely, efficient manner.
No scams, we don't have time for them. And let's face it, trying to get you to pay for an extra unneeded stamp or two simply isn't worth losing our paycheck. We don't make the big bucks, but we're comfortable, and in one of the most secure jobs in existence right now. It just isn't worth it.

Dan, a mailman, and proud of it

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ya ya ya, LOL i'm happy with our mail people. they are in the "LOOP" LOL but of course i'm always making sure of it too!! LOL ok, FIRST tape, THEN put the stamps on, make sure no little hands don't put any stamps on befor you tape, LOL uhhh that's my talla, she does that sometimes, so i'm peeling stamp
s off. LOL off the wall, off the boxes she thinks needs to go, (that havenothing in them) even off the door. ahhhhhhh!!!! so now i hide them things!! LOL

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