New appreciation for hostas....

dorisl(5)May 5, 2008

I was never really into them, but they were here when we moved in. Last year I divided them and moved them around and there is a HUGE difference between an individual hosta which has room to spread out and 40 of them crammed into the same space.

They're LOVELY when they have enough room. Like Giant Green Roses.


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Hi Doris..I have been wondering how and when to divide my you have any adice for me ?? I have some that look like 10 are poking up in one spot..and I have NO idea how, or when to divide them.

I am so glad you are enjoying them, I think they make a nice background for other plants, and fill in my woodland area nicely.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

You girls ought to amble over to the Hosta Forum and let them enablers over there get ahold of you...LMAO...


Here is a link that might be useful: Search yield on 'Divide

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Its funny, I wasnt really worried about saving them or anything, I just dug up the whole clump with my shovel and broke them apart by hand. When you dig it up and shake/knock some of the dirt off, you can see where the separate plants are and just pull them off. I wasnt terribly gentle on them and lots of them came back this year. Some teeny tiny ones tho, Im sure those are the smallest pieces I replanted.

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i did that, and the roots, that had no plants on them, they came back this year also, i never understand the whole thing on hosta's BUT i must admit, they have a "certain" prettiness to them, like the white one's with green mixed in. LOL those are sure pretty!! and i just got a very pretty variegated one, LOVE it!! i can't wait till next year when it get's more, now for a true story, LOL i have this ummmm.....i call a peace trumpet, called it that all winter. i was trying to find it's true name. well so ifnally i post it, i had been babying it along all winter and it bloomed in the winter and smelled so awesome!! almost intoxicating. turns out the only place i could think of posting it was in the lily forum, someone there said that's a hosta!!! i got to thinking about it! DUHHHH it was that's the only explanation!!! hee hee so i was babying a hosta!!! HEE HEE only me!!! LOL i thought ya'd find that funny!! LOL :'))

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You Cant kill a hosta! I had them lining my driveway when I bought my house. They were very overcrowded so I just stuck the shovel in the dirt and ripped out half of each plant. My sister came about a week later[they were left in the sun and totally dried out) and took them and planted them around her pool,They are enormous!Her daughter came last byear and took clumps by the muscle method I used and hers are growing strong around her pool..I would mow mine down every fall trying to kill them and never could. It took me years to get rid of them!! I still have two good size clumps growing across the street after digging them out every year for the last twenty years!!!!

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hee! I had the same experience will daylillies! I had some where I wanted my veggie patch, so I dug them out and left some of them laying ON TOP the ground next to the compost bin ALL SUMMER. This spring, they started growing right there, so What they heck, if they want to live that bad, I gave them a new home.

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LOL that's funny! life finds a way!! :')) and yet some plants die at the "thought" of no water. LOL

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