Hi! My name is Sue

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)May 9, 2008

I am a plant addict.

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Applause! I am a plantaholic. I am fighting my disease and am looking for a sponsor. Those with the fever need not apply, Les

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

Hi everyone. My name is Wendy .. also known as sassybutterfly_2008 in the seed and planting underworld. I am a plant/seed addict! I am NOT ashamed of my condition and I use peer pressure to addict any and all others around me as well! I joined GardenWeb in order to further feed my addiction.

psssstt... quietly slips Sue a lil baggie of seeds...


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Hi my name is Patty. I am a seed and plantaholic. I have over 300 species of perennials seeds for unknown amount of annuals(and perennials)I am also guilty turning others into addicts too as I share with many near and far. I may be getting in too deep I am starting a summer job at home depot on Monday.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

OH NO PATTY! Please tell me it IS NOT THE GARDEN SECTION...PLEEZE. If it is, there is no hope left for you for sure.

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hi my name is medo! i am also a seed/plant addict, i proudly wear that name!! i am soo not ashamed!! i also love to enable others!! hmmmmm....when i get my seeds going again i am only thinking of who i can enable!! so WATCH OUT !!!! you just may be next!!! LOL ***onery evil laugh*** Hugs Medo ***big grinn***

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

Hi, my name is Linda and I'm a seed/plant addict. I am slowly destroying my grass to further my addiction of covering every surface with flower beds..."eyeing up next batch of grass to go"

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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)

I am Susan, and I must confess: I have lusted after plants in my heart...

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LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

My name is Angie, and not only am I a total addict,I am also an enabler. I do not intend to change,as a matter of fact, I may just get worse! So watch out all of you potential addicts! :D

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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

I will gladly be all of your mentors...now everyone you just have to send me all your seeds! Kim

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katmatney(5 NY)

My name is Kathy, I truly love plants and seeds. My husband used to whine about my digging in the yard. I now have him convinced that the more beds I make the less he has to mow. He is loving every minute of it now. We went to a great plant sale last night, bought more plants and are making another bed. I heard him tell the lady as we left her drive," I let her buy whatever she wants, the more beds, the less I mow."
Isn't life great.
Keep on planting


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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Hi, may name is Kathy and I'm a seed/plantaholic. In the midst of planning my wedding, which is now two weeks away, and my next to oldest son's graduation, which is now 1 week away, I am still hanging out on this corner, still trading seeds and cuttings, and still participating in Round Robin swaps. And despite the fact that there will be lots of pictures, I still garden without a hat and usually without gloves.

I'm not only an addict, but do a fair bit of trade as an enabler as well. I'm known on the streets to pack large amounts of extras into my deals. I'm more than willing to create new addicts in my wake. Doing this creates a larger pool to feed my own addiction. It's all very logical, well thought out. I'm always looking for new stuff to try. I have several spots where I just sit and experiment with new seed. I always like to try it myself before suggesting it to new addicts.

My house gets messy, because I'm usually either outside planting something, or because the weather's not playing right and I have to haul the dirt and stuff inside. My kids sometimes wonder if there's gonna be any places left at the table because the plants are taking over.

I started small, just a few, common things. In less than six months I've graduated from seeds to cuttings.

So, that's my story... what'cha holdin? What'cha lookin for?


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Hi! My name is Dan, sometimes known as Santa Dan or dan-the-mailman. Not only do I have a seed/plant addiction, I am also a Serial Gardener. My addiction began when my parents enabled me at the age of 3, and I have been a user ever since. Not only have I killed my lawn (yes, its time of death was pronounced just this past week), but I have encouraged others to join me in this most foul type of murder. I have enabled family and friends, passing them small bags of seeds, and sometimes placing perennials and annuals within their homes and yards. I am no longer alone in my crusade to enable the world, but have two cats who help me do so. One of them has become self-taught in seed inspection, and they both offer advice on who to enable next.

Please, do not help me. I do not wish to be rehabilitated. If you wish to provide me with assistance, pass me another bag of seed before taking this one to that woman over there.....

(maniacal laughter echoes back to you as I run away, passing out more bags of seed to everyone I see.....)

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Dan you are by far one crazy nut!! LOL big hugs!!! only you would say something like that!!! LOL and as i'm reading these to hubs he thinks we are all nuts!!! LOL Hugs Medo

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

well...aren't we?..."L"

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girlsingardens(zone 5 NE)


Are you my long lost sister???? DH keeps threatening me to mow off my gardens if I don't clean up the house some. I figure that I will just keep people out of the house and tell them the bathroom is broken and entertain in the gardens.

And My name is Stacie and I am a plantaholic and seedaholic. My driveway is currently lined on both sides with plants wanting to be in the ground, but we have had so much rain I haven't the time to plant them all.


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WOW stacie!! you are the totall bomb!!! i like your idea!! hmmm i'm gonna go for that idea!! i keep thinking if i could get everyone to go naked then i wouldn't have to do laundry, and...... LOL then i could somehow get this tiny house cleaned of all the stuff from all four of us then just kick everyone out!! LOL the only time it does stay clean is in the summer when the pool is up. cuz we are out all the time!! LOL and of course no one can go out till the chores are done. i was smart!! LOL (once in a blue moon!) LOL

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First of all Sue yes it is the garden shop where else(LOL).I have already made a purchase the day I had my interview (variegated iris had to have it)and Stacie I would have been in the rain I just need more space to plant in... more space......more space....no dirt left... oh wait my daughter just moved up the street I will be OK I can plant in her yard. Gotta go plant.

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booboobearbecky(Zone 4)

Hi, My name is Becky and I am a "dirtygirl." My fixation with playing in the dirt began at the age of 4 when my mother taught me how to make mudpies with tin cans. I have been playing in the dirt ever since. Once I figured out that I could grow stuff while playing in the dirt, my addiction expanded to flowers and seeds. The addiction never abated....now it's shrubs, trees, vines, vegetables, and fruits.

I never truly "harvest" my raspberries, as I simply sit on the ground hidden in the raspberry patch greedily scarfing down each and every ripe unwashed berry. I angrily swat at the birds who to try to snatch my ripe berries, and never move an inch when a bear lopes along for a free snack. "These raspberries are MINE, go find your own!" I shout.

The breaking point came early this spring when my husband tried to heat up some leftovers in the microwave, and was greeted with a bowl full of dirt, which had just finished "cooking" for my precious garden seeds. The kitchen coutertops and stove top were covered with trays of newly planted seeds, and poor hubby had no place to cook or prepare his meal. He was starving. "Too bad," I said..."how about a bowl of this lovely dirt?" (me deeply inhaling the aroma of freshly warmed dirt and smiling an evil grin).

"OUT! Get all of this dirt OUT of the kitchen NOW!" my husband exclaimed, Go buy a greenhouse!! And so I did. I filled it up with seedlings and divisions in less than 2 weeks....and now I have my very own "dirtygirl playhouse" where I can play in the dirt to my heart's content. And I'm sooooooooo happy.

And there you have it...the story of me; a self confessed "dirtygirl."


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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

"laughing at Becky"..wow...I like that kitchen thing...gotta try that!

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

LOL! I wonder if that would work for me, Becky!

Stacie, I'm sure I have several "separated before birth" sisters and brothers around here! My almost husband just laughs at me and shakes his head!

By the way... I just posted a thread on the exchange side where I'm hoping to foster the addiction in others. Any experienced addict is welcome to join in the fun and aid me in spreading the addiction!!


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LOL Becky!! your tooo funny in a very truthful way LOL!
hummmm dirtygirl playhouse would be a good sign to put on the gh lol love it!

hello my names christy im a plant seedin addict, this addiction runs in my family, from my gram, to my aunt to me, gotta keep the blood lines going with my own kids :)

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Hi! My name is Ann and thanks to people like Medo, I too am a seed addict! LOL
When my husband isn't looking, I like Dan try to kill any available lawn. This year I went over the edge and tried to start 400+ varieties for Winter Sowing. Unfortunately, only about 350 varieties germinated...I guess I need more lasagna beds (laughing madly...)

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i know that one sooo well Becky!! i am so crazy!! and i know this sounds weird, but i kinda like the smell of "cooked" dirt!!
ya know, Ann, i can remember when you first emailed me about my seeds, and i couldn't send yours out cuz i didn't know if yours was the right addy or not with the right email with the right gw name, LOL it was funny, that i still remember that!! LOL especially when i can't remember something from two days ago!! LOL Heee Heeee LOL
i also decided to "rip" out more of our yard, in the name of beauty!! LOL uhhh that and alllllllllll them plants i have now!! LOL
ok i have the greenhouse but how can i get him to put my greenhouse up now??? LOL this coming "weekend" is supposed to be good, so i'll work on him for it!! LOL Hugs Medo

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Hello my name is Regina and I am a seed/plantaholic and darn proud of it! And no-one is going to change that. I inherited my addiction from my mother, who grew and canned many of our veggies.
I started out on the screened-in porch and it soon looked like a nursery of seedlings pots and soil,so my husband agreed to a greenhouse. Whoo-hoo!!! Waited 6 weeks for it to arrive and another 3 to finally see it being put together....yeah!!!Finally the big day came.....the instructions said with two people would only take about 4 hrs, to put together. Yea right!!! They lied....took 2 days just to get the frame up. Helps if the company remembers to include all the pieces. But I love it..and it's all mine! Mine to feed my addiction with.........need to go now....and make up seed packs to foster my addiction with. whoooohahahaaaaaaaa..........

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daffodillady(7b/8a central AL)

Hello, my name is Beth, and I am a seed/plant addict. I just started my addiction late last summer, and due to the help of many of you enablers, I am way beyond any recovery program's help....and I don't want to recover anyhow!! I have been able to pass the addiction on to several...but I am excited most at the newest prospect...my big brother is a recent medically retired sheriff that lives in Virginia, that I haven't seen in over 12 years. We all know what good therapy planting seeds is...so now I think I will see what plants/seeds that I can find to send him....and see if I can't get him addicted too!! teeheehee. Off to look up Assateague Island's spelling and zones.......snicker.... snicker......snicker.......

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daffodillady(7b/8a central AL)

Ohohohohoh....I forgot to tell ya'll!!! My daughter emailed me from Iraq, and told me to go get myself a mini-tiller as her late Mother's Day gift to me!!! Is that cool or what??!! Now that is enabling at one of its finer moments!!

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

What a wonderful daughter!:)

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ohhhh hey there buddie!!! LOL i just LOVE this lady too!! ummmm is there a lady here i don't just LOVE though?? LOL i just Love to enable Beth though!!! Heee Heeee :')) but she always says she owes me some seeds???? ummm Ang, i'm not sure she understands how that enabling thing works, ya might have to explain that to her!! (giggle giggle) how is your daughter anyhow?? ohhhh and that funny video/sound thingi???? i got that from Beth!!! LOL wasn't that Hysterical??!!!! LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: this is soooo hysterical.....but seriously go pee first!!! LOL

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