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saoodhashimOctober 23, 2013

Ok I don't know how to ask this question. I have some spare money which I can invest in for my gardening endeavors. Just going through Amazon I noted many things including that Aero Grow thing - after shipping thats gonna cost me around USD 200. That made me think, what should I actually be buying If you had spare money, lets say $ 500-1000. What would you buy from Amazon for your gardening endeavors? That could of course be influenced by many factors. I thought sharing those ideas would result in quite a learning experience for the whole garden web community.

Thanks, Saood.

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Afraid I am not going to give you a very helpful answer as I am a firm believer in spending my dollars close to home to support the local economy, artisans and growers. Container gardening can be a banal process or a very creative one depending on one's ability to visualize, to walk a different garden path.

Study those talented persons close by who could design complimentary products that would enhance your gardens such as a useful and beautiful pot trellis for climbers. There are so many ways to build a clay pot and a potter somewhere in your backyard to work with you. Half the fun of gardening is locating the talents to turn your garden dreams into reality.

BTW, there are numerous online explanations of how to ...do it yourself aero grow pots.

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Thanks Nandina for your valuable input. The reason why I asked this here was to have ideas about stuff available and then looking for implementing those ideas on my own, if possible.

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