lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)May 4, 2008

I was curious as to what kind of mulch everyone uses....

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Hi Linda-
I've found the greatest mulch- a mountain of leaf compost from my town's recycling center.... This spring, I've been shoveling up many truck loads with my husband.....We make the rounds to the different towns' recycling centers.. Leaves work very nicely, especially in the creating of my many lasagna flower beds......My husband moans when he sees me wetting more cardboard & laying it out, he knows we'll be heading out for more manure, leaves, etc! I comfort him with the words, "No more lawns to mow". No, really, he's a darling... he says of me, "Most women would want diamonds & pearls, you just want leaf compost & manure!" ( He's right!) Another great mulch that I use is pine straw...I've also picked up 50 or more trash bags from a neighbor who thinks that every year she has to replace her pine straw (Is there any REAL reason for that,- besides companies making more money on customers?) I just got back with a large truck load + a trailer full of 2 yr old composted horse manure mixed with sawdust bedding..... It doesn't have any smell to it .... does anyone know if I can use it as a top layer for my lasagna beds & just plant right into it? It's really fine stuff...... Too bad I got it so late in the evening, if I had lights in my yard, I'd be out there right now....Guess I'll have to wait until after work......(sigh)

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


I'd ask about how safe the manure sawdust mix would be at the link below. I 'think' wood products delete a nutrient to some degree from the soil, and they can explain that better.

I buy shredded bark mulch by the truck load from a local saw mill. They turn it repeatedly, and when it has rotted down enough, they sell it. It looks great, is economical, and I can haul it myself. They load it, and often I just pull my truck up along side the flower bed, and unload it there. I also usually keep a pile of it, and then have to wheelbarrow it around as needed.


Here is a link that might be useful: Soil, Compost, Mulch Forum

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

I am planning on using aged horse manure this year,it is free and another member posted pics of her gorgeous gardens, and that is what she uses,so I figure it is a win/win situation for me. In the past I used wood chips,but found it was not helping my pill bug problem,so I did away with it. I have lots of clay soil and I figure incorporating the manure would be a good thing. I had a ton of pine straw,but DH bagged it up and threw it away when I wasnt looking! :O He didnt know I intended on using it for mulch,so once more of that falls I will be using that also.Both are free for me and readily available,so I guess they would be logical choices!:)

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