Official Vs. Actual Temperatures

saoodhashimOctober 14, 2013

I never knew the officially reported temperatures would be so different from the actual reading under direct sunlight. I bought an outdoor thermometer to measure the temps that my vegetable plants are facing. These days the highs as reported by the weather channels is 95F. Whereas my thermometer shows me 110F.

I came to know that the official temps are recorded under shade i.e. they are air temperatures....

Now this raises a question. When they say that the 85-86F is the temperatures beyond which a tomato will not fruit (or its productivity will be impaired), are we talking of the air temperature or the temperature that the plant is facing. With 6-8 hours under direct sunlight, the direct sunlight temperatures seem more relevant. Is it so. Or is it that when they speak of 86F for tomato they are actually speaking of the air temp. Can some expert clarify this?

Here is a link that might be useful: Why official temperatures are recorded in the shade?

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The central valley of California the average daytime summer temperatures will be over 90 degrees and they commercially grow beautiful tomatoes. It is always air temperature that is recorded, the temperature of a surface receiving direct radiation from the sun, will vary widely depending on whether the surface absorbs or reflects and what the material is made of. Al

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They may be growing commercially but then perhaps that would be under controlled greenhouse environment.

Therefore >90F temps may not be relevant.

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