Is This Happening More Often Lately?

karyn1(7a)May 22, 2011

I seem to be seeing a lot of posts where someone is asking for an item and in the next sentence saying they don't have anything to trade but would be more then happy to furnish postage. It really annoys me. When someone responds to an offer and asks if they can send a SASBE that doesn't bother me but the posts asking for items does. If you don't have any seeds to trade offer seed envelopes or better yet go to HD and pick up a few packs of seed just to have something to offer. The way many phrase their posts makes it sound like they are doing you a favor by offering to send postage. It just seems like I'm seeing more of these type of posts lately.

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I blame the enablers. Not that I did not do it once or twice early on, but it seems that there is almost always someone who responds to these posts with an offer of seeds.

I was nonplussed a couple of months ago when I responded to a posting requesting to trade for specific seeds/plants when the person responded to my email offering to trade with them by saying they actually did not have anything to trade but thought they would get more offers if they posted as if they had and that they would love to send postage. I did not respond to that email, which was rude of me, I suppose.

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I don't think that was rude of you not to respond. As a matter of fact I think you showed a good bit of restraint by ignoring them. I might have responded with something I'd have regretted later. lol I was just checking the plant forum and there's a new one posted. They are looking for a specific plant and follow by saying that they'd be happy to provide the postage necessary.

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Ah yes, those continuing to appear "Beggar posts", that are in fact against forum rules and considered to be "abuse of our forums" under the contact us pages of GW.

Posiondart is correct in saying it is the "enablers" that help to perpetuate the problem. Those that respond to the "beggars" that they will send seeds, have seeds, contact me, send me your email etc.

What should be done is to ignore the posts asking for seeds for postage, direct them to the thread with the rules of the forum on it, kindly tell them that asking for seeds with nothing to trade is against forum rules and advise them to look for the offers for free seeds for postage etc.

AND, the thread should be reported to GW under the contact us at the bottom of the page and marked as "abuse of our forums", because that it exactly what it is.

In the old days, Spike would be on top of the forums and those threads where immediately removed and the member who posted, begging for seeds, was warned.
Not that I was a huge fan of Spikes, but it was nice to have that happen.

As long as there are those that "enable" the beggars, support their breaking the rules of the forum, these types of posts will run rampant on both the seed exchange and the plant exchange forums.

We will never be able to fully end them from being posted, but by following the above listed things, the number of them will be cut way, way down, and those that do appear, will be quickly removed.

Those that think that they can join GW to post for free seeds and nothing more, will be curtailed as well.


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bigred(z8 Ark.)

I've pretty much stop trading because of this. I only collect a few unique varity of seeds any more but hate posting to the exchanges(GW or DG) because I get covered up w/ emails from people wanting seeds for postage so now I either purchase my seeds or wait until someone I know and trust to post seeds for trade I'd like. Sad to say after almost 12 yrs.on the boards.


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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

That is really sad to hear, bigred. That's not what the trading forums are here for. To know that a solid trader isn't even trading any more because of it, really bothers me. :-(


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bigred(z8 Ark.)

Yes,it is but I found it cheaper to just buy seeds/plants from dealers/vendors than to the aggravation of trading multiple times w/ diffirent people for a seed/plant varity only to spend even more time and energy in growing them out only have it bloom something entirely different from what was agreed upon and labeled. I still trade but seldom and only with those I have a long term trade relationship with.


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or you get seeds that are supposed to be "lavender" which you REALLY wanted, and end up with 3 out of 12 squares that are empty, and then 2 of those that are tree seeds?? but no lavender.. i do love to trade, mostly because i love meeting the people, and i love the conversation, but one thing i have learned over the past two years, is that i have wasted ALOT of money on stamps for seeds that i wanted really bad, and on dirt to plant these seeds, i can agree with bigred!! but i am Slowly getting back into wanting to do this again, but i think i will be more choosey on who i trade with now. and that really does "suck" for a lack of better words!! makes me wonder how many seeds i've given to other people that were duds or not the right ones now!!

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I don't think it's happening any more now than it has in the past. I've been here for a while now and have seen a lot, some good and some bad. I started out as a newbie like many, not knowing how to post or afraid to post and set up a trade. I did have seed though, nothing special, a few grape hyacinths and lambs ear. I finally posted to set up trades and got a big response. I offered a small selection of easy to grow seed and also started trading plants. I also had SASBE or BEAP offers and it was really fun to be able to share my seed with others. The sad part is that after 5 or 6 years of fighting with the post office, dealing with people who don't know how to read instructions, vultures, ignorant people unwilling to learn or just plain ole stupid people, I have had enough. It wears a person down after a while. Interest level drops and so does my tolerence level. The seed exchange is still a great place and thankfully there are always nice people willing to step in and help and teach those who need it. I'm still collecting my seed from my yard because I can't stand to see them go to waste. Maybe sometime soon I will start trading again but for now my work it taking up most of my time. I guess that's a good thing the way everything is these days. Again I would like to say GW is a great place and I'm sure it will continue to be but there will always be beggers to deal with, there will be newbies needing help, and there will be trouble makers that need to be reported. I need to go weed my garden now. Hope everyone has a great day.


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bigred(z8 Ark.)

I offer the common seeds to schools and such,wildflowers I scatter in my neighbors field, along fence rows and hwys..Unique seeds,I harvest a few for my long term trading buddies or just let them fall and weed out the excess when they sprout.


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I had never reported a post soliciting free seeds until yesterday. It was so blatant that it was hard to ignore and at least three members had volunteered free seeds.
So...I pulled the trigger and reported it to admin. The post disappeared and I had a moment of remorse, but if I see another one that is as unabashedly direct, I will probably do so again.
I have no intention of becoming the Seed Police, but the quick response was gratifying.

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That might be the only way to discourage people from signing up just to ask for handouts. I can't understand why someone couldn't go to Home Depot and pick up a 50 cent pack of seeds or even collect some from plants growing outside just so they have something to offer in exchange. I'd be much more apt to offer seeds for postage to someone that is at least offering something in exchange, whereas I ignore posts asking for handouts.

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Thanks to whomever for you know what.

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Its hard to start as a newbie on any site even harder when people are reluctant to swap cause some new person begged or never sent their seeds.
I have found so far trading has been great,I don't have much in the way of rare.In fact I look at what everyone has and drool,someday I will have alot more to trade.
I have made one mistake and well Im not sure if it was (I bubbled wrapped seeds but put em in regular envelopes.)
Im kicking myself for throwing away all those bubble evelopes I have gotten over time...
So all you who still give some newbies a chance thank you.

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pdsavage, for me it is not that i don't want to give a newby a chance, its that when we look on the exchange, i see people actually asking for seeds for postage, knowing they hve nothing. i'm with one of the posters who say get some seeds, heck even walmart has some for 10 cents on sale sometimes, especially in the fall. or do like a few of my friends did, knowing they were knew and didn't want to offer postage and wanted to be contributing, asked if instead they could send little seed packets, i was all for that! its one less thing i have to get at the store. LOL i have one friend on here who has tons of stuff, she LOVES to share, she only wants postage most times, sometimes she'll say baggies would be nice.. i didn't mind sending BOTH, because i knew she needed them and has always been great with me. LOL i know a few people who send seeds in bubble wrap in an envelope. but they do ask first if its ok.

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