Will it ever end?

jim_6b(TN)May 9, 2009

The rain that is. It's been raining for so long, I can't remember when it started. I haven't been able to finish planting my garden, got the tomatos planted last Saturday between thunder storms but that was all. I worked late everyday this week and had a long list of things to do today but when I got up this morning it was raining again. I needed to remove the pool cover and since I always get wet doing that, I did it in the rain. I worked out in the rain and at about 1 pm it stopped and the sun came out. I got a lot done today. The kids have been outside all afternoon and even helping me. It turned out to be a really nice day.


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please please please send some to florida we're turning into the sahara down here lol

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

jim...I feel your pain. Flash floods and tornados for 3-4 days running. Yesterday did turn off nice but steamy just in time for my garden clubs annual swap party but woke up this am to MORE RAIN!

katie....if I had my druthers....I'd send you a bunch of this rain...I'm sick off it. Loaded up last evening for market today but now I probably won't bother...*SIGH*.

Please don't remind me,come a dry July-Sept. that I was complaining about too much rain in May...*G*


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Hi Peggy

I take it back we are getting hammered here some areas of Florida have gotten 16 inches of rain in 3 days. Its feast or famine lol


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token28001(zone7b NC)

Instead of 5 days of rain at a time, I'd really like 5 days of sun, followed by a day of nice, steady rain. That is, if anyone is taking requests.

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I know just how you feel. It's rained almost daily for the past 6 weeks and not just showers but T-storms with heavy rain. Even on the sunny days the soil's too saturated to plant anything. My backyard looks like a pot ghetto because I haven't been able to get much of anything in the ground yet. The weather has been screwy since late last fall. The winter temps were brutal and early spring wasn't much better.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

It ended here a few times in June and July, but I gotta say, my spirits are sure dampened. When it is not raining here I am mowing and raking and weedeating. Things really got out of hand. It is almost as dark as night here now and I just checked the TV and areas south of here, Louisville, got 6" of rain today and there are interstates flooded and closed.


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gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)

Sue, it is crazy isn't it?? I finally had to take the mower down the paths in the garden b/c the weeds are the only things growing in there. Tomatoes are ginormous but not ripening since we have little sun. Can't get in and hoe or till b/c it was mud. Need to dig up potatoes but can't in the mud. Finally, we took an old mower and mowed the paths so that air would get in there and circulate so that it will dry out. Of course, now that it is starting to dry out there is a chance of rain the next couple days and 90+ degrees with extreme humidity. Oh well. At least the gazillion tomatoes will ripen (all at once). LOL

GoodLuck. Nichol

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