it felt sooooooooo great!!!!!!

medontdo(8)May 13, 2008

ok, now i know what ya'll are talking about!! i have enabled with seeds, but never plants!!!! tonight was my very first time!!! i enabled my neighbor, it was so entirely cool!! seems she's a plant lover too!!! LOL how cool is that??? LOL after my swaps are done, i'm gonna enable her some more!! LOL and i make sure they are with the perennial/shade. hpefully they will be fragrant she is just the sweetest person!! that i have personally met, ummmm in real life!! LOL i had to put that in there!! real life!! LOL i know, she's a neighbor and i should know her, i mean we have lived here like 8 yrs. but still geez i just got that, 8 yrs!!!! iw as thinking 6 but no. anyhow, i just now met her. she lives 2 houses down, and we live in a town of maybe 2-300??? yes, i am very much of a stay at home, LOL but i had to tell you how great it felt to enable someone!!! i know that i wanted to sell alot of these, but i want to also enable too!!! ***huge HUGE grinn*** hugs Medo

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

Thats fabulous medo! :) It is a great feeling,and who needs money when you have neighbors in need of shade plants?

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i know, and money, its just one of those things!! LOL i think richness is all in your heart anyhow!! mine is really rich!! i'm wearing gold!! hee hee :')) and rubies and amethyst and..... LOL i think i've seen enchanted like 100 times now!! LOL its sooo cool!! i love absolutely LOVE kids shows like that!! those one's in particular!! LOL fairy tales :')) hmmmmm.....who nice to enable next??? LOL

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

LOL...yes you do have a pure heart! :) Did you see Princess yet?
~ Angie...who also enjoys fairytale movies! :)

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whoohoo medo! look out, that can get more addictive than trading! lol
so nice now you have a garden friend close by.
im a house hermit too. lol i dont talk to any of my neighbors i just wave when they go by.

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i don't think i saw princess? whats it about? i'd have to ask talla for sure!! she knows, she has the barbie cartoons, man i can sit and watch them forever!! LOL hmmm.. bad mommie!! LOL
i also am one of those who just wave and smile!! i do talk to my one neighbor across the street. lester. his wife suni, she's the one i was telling ya'll about that is in chemo that has i think its thyroid cancer, it should be gone but they keep giving her the chemo. i worry about her so much!!! i just love that woman to pieces!!! :')) he helps tabor w gardening ya know talking him thru it, LOL he's a great mentor for him. he say's since i took him out of school, tabor is sooo much calmor and his whole demeanor has changed for the good!! i'm loving this!!! LOL i've got some pretty hosta's to divide up!! hugs!! :'))

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