whole month is wet,and i got clay soil

newguy4(6b)May 15, 2014

its gonna rain all month apparently and my soil is heavy clay, my plants need planting out soon. what are my options here? one bed is tilled before the rain,can i plant in it? the other beds have not been tilled yet. last year i planted a bunch of eggplants in wet soil and they were severely stunted all season

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Our soil was once rocky mountain clay and now it is clay loam, I think in part because I gave away the tiller a few years ago. We use a lot of wood chips and sawdust as pathway mulch, and they host very happy soil-enriching fungi that do better with hand cultivation. You can use a broadfork to aerate soil without tilling it, very handy to have around.

When I need to plant in wet soil, I mix organic fertilizer into compost, place it in the bottom of a planting hole, and set the seedling over it. They like it!

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