WOW some curiously good news!! I'm so crazy!!!

medontdo(8)June 22, 2008

ok so the wierd credit card co gave me my money back!! so ya know what i did?? ummm first let me tell ya something, i had to go and empty every single one of my seed packets into the flower the only thing i have left were some vege seeds and not very many!! LOL that being said, LOL

now,,, i spent my money on...... oh ya,, the kids and did the winter sowing thing and have at the "very least" 200 hundred or so seedlings!!!

ok now back to my story!!! LOL **big grinn** so anyhow i went to summerhill seeds and spent like 18 bucks on seeds!! LOL fragrant of course!! LOL i had to buy

1 x Adlumia Fungosa 'Climbing Bleeding Heart' (SHS-0302) = $2.75

1 x Lathyrus Chocolate Streamer Sweet Pea (SHS-0292) = $2.25

1 x Lathyrus Matucana (SHS-0310) = $2.45

1 x Thunbergia fragrans Sweet Clock Vine (SHS-0343) = $4.25

1 x Snadragon Cascadia (SHS-0318) = $3.99

1 x Carnation 'Cascading Clove Drops' (SHS-0298) = $2.50

ok, now hubs don't know about that yet!!! LOL he's gonna sooooo kick my buns!!! LOL maybe i'll loose some of them!! HEE HEE!!!! LOL the good news is, they can't take any more of my money now!! LOL it was a simon gift card!! LOL it only had so much money on it!! LOL

hmmmmm........ what "crazy" thing did you do??? LOL **big grinn** ~Medo

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

Medo, you crack me up!.."L"...I haven't done anything today yet, but the day is still young!

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

oh, I forgot..I did do something yesterday. Sara and I went past the house we used to live in. It still hasn't resold and the grass is about hip high. I slipped through the gate in the back and checked out my garden. It is just an overgrown jungle...sooooo....while I was there, I flinched about 5 hollyhocks. They came from my grandmother's seeds orginially and since she's gone now, I wanted to have I fliched them...."looking around for the flower police"...

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LOL Linda you are absolutely funny beyond belief!! LOL that is so cool that you got flowers from you granma's seeds!!
i just found some hollyhock seedlings. but they are burgandy, i already have that. i was hoping it'd be nigra!! LOL i'm wanting to get all of them now, the one's that look carnationish!! LOL

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Hey Medo you always make me laugh!!LOL
I am so addicted to seeds and plants and have been known to do what I call "selective pruning". I take cuttings where ever I go! Parking lots, my neighbors, parks, even got some seeds at the beach! Please stop me before I get arrested! My hubby probably won't bail me out! I am really getting into propagating plants from cuttings. I have had great success!

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ohhhh My!! i say!! go for it!! LOL uhhhhh whatchya got??? **huge smile** what's your method for propogating?? i been putting them in rooting horomone and then in the stay green soil, then putting them in a 6 cell pack (damp soil) LOL, then i put that in a zip lock baggie and seal it partially shut and blow air in til its way too full and shut it!! so it looks like a balloon!! ohhh and don't for get to lightly mist them!! LOL usually in 2-4 weeks i have roots. i'm loving this!!
i used to do selective pruining then i don't no more. i ask now. LOL its more fun i meet lots of cool people!! LOL
i am so anxious to grow some really cool different things!! :') hugs ~Medo

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