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momof2_2006(6)June 5, 2009


Can I trade seeds that are 5 years old or do seeds go bad. I started to garden at a place I was renting. Someone sent me a huge newbie package. Before I was able to use the seeds I got pregnant and really sick. After that we were staying with someone untill we bought a house. Now we are in our own home and I have all these seeds. I won't use all of them so is it ok to use them in trades?



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Hi Kayla!

Congrats on the new house!

I think it would be better not to trade them. True, some might be ok, be most people prefer to trade fresher seeds (sometimes 2 yo seeds are accepted).

Id suggest planting some and collecting fresh seeds from the plants that sprout.


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As long as you post that the seeds are 5 years old that you have to trade, there is no reason not to post them on your trade list.

You might want to offer them as free seeds as well.

Just be sure to say that they are 5 years old.

Many seeds will still be viable even though they are that old, just that not as many of them will germinate. Some germination will occur with most seeds though.


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