Strawberry Containers

linchat(10b)October 14, 2008

What is the minimum size container one could use for strawberries? 10"? How many plants to a 36"x8" container?


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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Where are you located?? I've tried SB several time in the past with just a little success. Best was as a winter crop with June bearers. They HATE the Florida heat lol

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I am in SF, what size pots did you or can you use?

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Probably can't be of much help to you as California 10 is sooo much different than Fla.
Have found that it requires about 25/30 plants to get 1 gallon of berries so containers aren't too useful. Have used the mounding method directly in the ground as well as the built up tiered planters. My biggest mistake was using the wrong cultivars as I have no hope of a summer crop due to tthe heat. The everbearers tend to make runners rather than fruit.
Since California is the largest commercial producer in the world I'd check around in your area. How about some of the colleges?? This is where I found my best info for the local area.
This year I'm going with a "straberry jar" that will hold 12 plants ,obviously I'm not going to corner the market lol. But I find the plants ornamental though short lived and get a few at the perfect stage of ripeness..

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liz_h(7/8 DFW Texas)

Gary, have you tried the Eversweet everbearing? They are supposed to do well at temps up to 100F. No personal experience to report though.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Due to the climate here SB is limited to a winter crop .The best weather is Nov. through March. The main problem is not so much the heat but the humidity.
Everbearers tend to produce runners rather than fruit even in winter here . So have huge plants little fruit lol.
The commercial growers here use June bearers They gave me several varieties but have been unable to locate just a few plants . Most sell only 200 of one kind lol.
The local nurseries tend to sell everbearers which are better suited to at least cool winters .
Since florida is the second largest producer of SB there muct be a way lol gary

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liz_h(7/8 DFW Texas)

Considering how easily strawberries mold, the humidity problem makes sense. Maybe you could talk one of your local nurseries into ordering some plants for you.

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