garden reports.....we want yours!

lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)June 21, 2008

I was just wondering how everyone's gardens are doing? Are seeds coming up? Are round robin plants doing well? Are the weeds winning or losing the battle? How are the weather conditions? Are critters and bugs having a field day? Inquiring minds want to know!

Some of my gardens have been planted and stuff is coming up...some the seeds are just popping through the soil. Some of my preestablished plants are blooming. I'm still working on my butterfly garden and I'm planting as I go. The round robin plants have helped with that. The weather was hot and dry and now it's cooler and rainy with some's always a battle with the weeds!.."L"

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my butterfly/humming bird garden is coming along, critters are having a field day and grass is taking over!! gotta love that rain!! LOL actually all my various little gardens are coming along. talla's is coming along. my rr plants are doing great so far, LOL i've planted them in pt shade, how are yours doing? i hope well! LOL i have harvested garlic chives, and sweet william seeds, at least i hope the sweet william wasn't taken to early, this is the first time i've taken these seeds. and hopefully i'll be taking tallas snapdragons seeds pretty soon!! LOL they were tiny little plants. :'))

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seems like every time i go out it rains n i gota go back in lol downpoor thunderstorms.
my seeds i direct sowed are comming up:) theres a few beds the weeds are winning n a few im winning.

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