Seed bombs

plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)June 26, 2008

Ok I had to admit to my neighbor that Jordan and I were throwing seed bombs into the area behind his garage. :-) He was commenting on how the previous owners left him such a pretty area full of wildflowers. I told him that they actually left behind a lot of weeds and that we were throwing flower seeds over the fence in hopes it would look a little nicer....he had to laugh when he realized that indeed most of the flowers were within about 6 ft of the fence LOL. Kim

BTW, he did finally weedwack down the 4 ft tall weeds behind the rest of the garage.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Ok...I read somewhere how to make the seed bombs. How did you and Jordan do it? I would love to introduce so many pretty things along the roadsides, but most I have in mind ( them all) are non native, so that is what stops me.

Did you seed bomb him with any pretty cosmos?


Here is a link that might be useful: Cosmos Produces Cosmic Beauty -(pics)

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

oh! That is hysterically funny!!..ROTF!!!

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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

Here is a "recipe" I found on the internet for ones you can make and store for later "use". Jordan and I didn't get quite so elaborate and just mixed some seeds in mud and slung them over the fence LOL. I bought a lot of those 10/$1 flower seeds and used those along with a huge box of marigolds for $1 at Walgreens. I also added some coneflower seeds from heads leftover from last years garden at my old house. On a windy day we also just tossed some seeds in the air so they drifted into his yard. Kim

Mix one part seeds with one part dry compost.

Next, add one part dry clay and mix.

Then spray in water a little at a time and mix it together until you have just enough water to hold everything together without crumbling.

After that, form the mixture into balls 2~3 cm in diameter.

Finally, dry the balls for later use.

Once dried, the balls are ready to be spread over land that you want to plant. When the rains come, the seeds will germinate.

Here is a link that might be useful: Seed bombs

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that is just way to awesome!! i told hubby about that and told him we were gonna do that, and the response, "no you are not" well, yes we are!! you just watch us!! and we are gonna have soooo much funn!! HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE LOL especially with these places that they never mow, ahhhhh i am sooo gonna do that!! LOL Hugs ~Medo

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

By dry clay I am assuming they are talking about the kind you find in the ground in varying places?

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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

They clay I think they mean is like the potters use. It is bought in bags like plaster of paris.

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hmmm my ground is clay, that's what i'd use, it'd be easy to come apart once it's thrown and it hits the ground. why not make mud pies!! bring out the kid in ya?? and let them dry?? awwww man!! just have soooo much fun!! i know tabor and talla and i will be having so much fun with this!! LOL and taking showers for sure!!! LOL i can feel a mud fight coming on!!! LOL :')) ~Medo i think i'm supposed to be like 30 something, Hee Hee Hee!!! *big grin*

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it's like a pellitized seed only bigger. It does sound like fun. But why can't you just scatter the seeds? Inquiring minds want to know, please.

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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

The actual idea (see link above) was for a single man to be able to scatter large amounts of seeds over acres and acres of land without tractors. He made these and then could sling them all over the place to plant his fields.

I first saw the idea on a website about Guerilla Gardening where people put plants all over in odd places to pretty things up. There are pictures of flowers in huge potholes in the road etc. I guess the idea is so you can carry them around with you and just toss into vacant lots and places like that. By just tossing seeds you would only get the edges not way back deep into the areas you want to see prettied up.

I too have lots of clay soil and may try the actual method of making them...I'm just not sure that if it was too moist that the seeds would begin to sprout and if not "planted" right away then die. Kim

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that sound so cool!
medontdo! thats a great idea kids love making mud pies they can make mudseed pies! cute idea!

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