help on steps for new sod

LiteSpeedJuly 29, 2013

I have begun the process of installing sod on the lower portion of the photo attached and would like confirmation/ help on my basic steps:
1: rototilled weeds to +/- 6-8" depth
1a: rake and level soil
2: spread pre-emergent over sod area
2a: water-in pre-emergent
2b: amend soil with top-soil per soil test
2c: roll soil to a more compact feel
3: install irrigation
4: lay gopher wire
5: install sod

More detailed questions are:
A: I have auto irrigation about 60-70 feet away. Best to tap into this system and run PVC back to the lawn (or use burried poly pipe) or use the hose bibb that is about 20 feet away?
B: I'm on a well that is pumped up to a 5,000 gal tank, then pumped up to my house. (Actually just below the pine tree seen in the photo). Problems with this?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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The first step should be kill weeds with herbicide.

It is possible to get good grass establishment without rototilling if the soil is good and all conditions for grass are good. If you're amending soil, you will need to rototill.

Install irrigation before installing sod. Cannot say about gopher wire. Maybe someone else will discuss.

Be very careful to follow pre-emergent directions. Adding before sod sounds questionable to me, but it depends on what you're using. Some pre-emergent could be deadly to new sod.

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Thanks yardvaark. After reading the label on the pre-emergent more, I decided against it until the lawn is established if needed. I have Simplot's Best 270G and FMC's Zeus.

The photo is actually from about a year ago. The weeds have been minimized but I will take your advice on spraying an herbicide. Currently, the area to recieve the sod is all a nice brown soil.

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We roto tilled a small area, raked it level and seeded with grass. It is the lumpiest bit of grass ever. I think the soil settled unevenly due to the nature of roto tilling--some areas get dug up deeper than others, etc.

If you roto till, definitely go with some kind of machinery to get your yard level maybe a roller. Not sure on the specifics here though.

If you can avoid roto tilling all together, as yard mentions, all the better.

I'd post on the grass/lawn forum for more input though. A lot of knowledgeable grass people there.

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