If you've done a trade with me please read...

musicaldeityJune 2, 2008

I'm sorry, I'd post in the conversation side but I don't know if everyone would see it that needs to.

I'm trying to determine what is going on with some of my trades, since I've been hearing from people that they have not received my end of the trade. If you are one of those people please email me MusicalDeity@gmail.com

I know who most are, but I'd like to be sure. I posted about the odd goings on in the OT Conversation side of the board, so if you'd like please read it.

I'm trying to email everyone... but until I hear back I won't know who is missing what. If I can't find out what has happened and you still have not received them I would like to re-send as much as I can. I apologize for the problems, and I'm trying my best to correct them.



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Not a bump reply so much as a send it to the bottom faster reply.

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They moved it for me. Most of you know my mail saga... this was me trying to make sure everyone was aware. Anyway... no replies and it'll go away soon enough.


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i've emailed you several times but you havne't responded. i read your post about what happened. i sent you a few obediant plants and some other seeds. please let me know how things are going.

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I have also emailed you an curious about what you found out.

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I replied to those messages and both peoples items have already been mailed.

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hi kim, i checked my spam and everything. still haven't gotten a reply. that is weird. anyway, did my stuff get to you ok?

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Hi Kim - I, am still waiting for my package.
Can you, shed some light on the situation?
Did you, receive the package I sent?
Please email me. Thanks - tina_2

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Hi Kim im also still waiting on your plant/package from you. i sent you e-mail, no responce, please e-mail me.

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Hi - Has, anyone heard back from Kim yet? I have sent several emails , even thru gardenweb. And still, no response.
Plmk. Thank you. tina_2

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Hi Kim, I am also waiting for my end of our trade.
PLMK too - Sharon

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I'm waiting to hear from you also.

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My came through without a hitch. right on time and in good condition. Haven't had any problems getting e-mails from or to her.

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That is weird, when did you hear from her? I wonder why she follows through with some trades and others not at all? So far there are at least seven people waiting for her to make good on their trades. She was trading a lot. I think maybe she got overwhelmed and is not that organized.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I am not owed anything but have been kind of watching this saga unfold.

I'm wondering if the ones waiting on something are waiting on plant packages.
I'm wondering if the ones who have received things with no problems were maybe seeds.

and thinking too, that maybe she got a bit overwhelmed with all the plants, not realizing all the time, effort, and expense that goes into a good plant trade...from discussing the trade, finalizing it as far as what all is being sent and what sizes and amounts, then the actual packing and shipping, and letting the member know the box is on its way...besides keeping track of all the emails and who all is getting and sending what.


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i dont think its wierd, she sent her seeds to tk, so tk is a "safty zone" for her, you'll also see she gave good R&Rs to those she did send but not to those she didnt send, even though she was happy with what she got.

maybe she's not reading them in fear of hate mail?
i had a plant trade with a lady who got sick n didnt send or e-mail, when she did e-mail me she said she didnt read my last few e-mails cause she thought id be mad in them.:( thats a dang sad thing someone would be afraid to read a e-mail! i do not n never will send hate mail.

i think maybe she did bite off more than she could chew n dont know how to handle it? i sent her e-mail with ways of fixing it but still no responce.
im not e-mailing her anymore, if she wants to fix things she can e-mail. n if she dose we can always go do a "update" post in R&R :)
o mine was a plant trade.

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So I've been sending my emails to you at the address you suggested and still nothing. I think you are making lame excuses.

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