Are you ever bothered by a song that gets stuck in your head?

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)June 3, 2009

I don't remember that happening to me, but I am sure bothered by the song stuck in the Mockingbird's head that has been singing the same exact song (it seems anyway) for the past 30 minutes. He is nearby, and flies from one place to another and is even singing while in flight.

I love to hear Mockingbirds, but after so long, would like to be able to turn them off. There has been one that sings way up into the night as I have heard him at 2 AM several nights.


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sue, this is all your fault.....

and if that mockingbird dont sing.....

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Hi Sue, where you been?
I saw this post but have been to busy to respond. Lots of overtime at work, which is good. Didn't you have mockingbird issues last year? I was watching TV this morning at 4:30 AM and heard our mockingbird. It likes to sit on our chimney and sing. Of course his singing can be heard comming down the chimney into our wood stove. You can open the door to the stove and it's really loud. It acts like a megaphone into our living room. If you want I can make some recordings for you.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Thanks for the link Doris...what a great 'classic' song and performance. Few performers today can compare to the singers from the past. IMHO.

Hi Sue, where you been?
Hi Jim!
I went on a little 4 day vacation to SC last weekend. I had internet service 'woes' before that, and have gotten a whole new roof on in the last 2 weeks. I stayed in, by day when the 4 men were on the roof working...just call me shy, and then had a lot needing done (mowing...sigh)once they left in the afternoon.

We had some horrid way above average temps in there too...into the 90s...unseasonably hot for this time of year here.

The Star of Beth digging season is finally ended here, as the foliage can no longer be found. Now I can really 'start' my gardening year doing things most gardeners get to do once their temps warm a bit. Things are overgrown, and needing moved, or divided, and the weeds got WAY ahead of me, and the irises all need cleaned up a bit of dead foliage, and stalks cut off now that I can see which ones to leave that are making big ole seed pods. I hope there are really seeds in all or most of the pods, as I know oftentimes they just make empty pods.

Didn't you have mockingbird issues last year?
Not sure if I ranted about them, but do remember asking who all listens to and enjoys them, as so many don't recall ever hearing them and are confused as to what the MB sounds like, since he sings the songs other birds sing. Anyone who has ever listened to a MB knows that his song is very distinguishable from all the other birds.
That's cool that yours sings on your chimney and the stove acts as a megaphone. I've often thought about making a recording of him singing.

Yesterday I was working in an area out by the road, a good piece from where I was working Wed when he sang so much it was annoying. He followed me, and was singing non stop out by the road then yesterday. I don't think he is serenading a female MB, but is instead serenading me. Could it be?

I guess the rain finally stopped for you, huh?

I got a bit of the veggie garden tilled up, but things got in the way of getting anything planted.... Cut some trees down that fell into the garden area. It now looks like I might have to mud in the tomatoes and peppers as it is well past the usual planting time, even for me and so wet from the 2 days of rain here. Hopefully things will dry out soon enough that I can still get some corn planted. I'm not so concerned with getting other things planted later, but know corn has longer days to maturity than most things.

Could it be that I have already had too much coffee today?

Sue...wordy as usual.

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