good grief!

lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)June 16, 2008

I overworked my arm and went to the I have it in an elbow brace..."grumbling and muttering under breath"..there's goes my gardening for awhile..."wondering if I can garden with my left hand and maybe my toes"....

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It must be one of those weeks. I pulled my back lifting a box over the weekend. Hope we all feel better soon, there's gardening to be done. :-)

Best to you,

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i went thru that last year!! LOL it was NOT fun, then last month i went thru a bunch of aches and pains, i thought geez what the heck is going on here, then my chest was hurting so much. now i'm fine this month. (so far) LOL i think for me its the weather!! it was so hot last month. and maybe it made my woody achy joints swell up!! LOL so they didn't wanta work as well. so now i'm not as bad because the weather isn't as bad. i like that. HEE HEE i hope you get so much better linda and qfox!! living in the gardenis so much fun!! LOL i told hubs in sept i want my ghouse up!! then it won't be to hot in there for it!! that'll make me happy!! and i'll be ready for the fall and such. i'll just have to figure out a way to warm it. on its own!! i've been reading up on that. so i think i've got that down pat. (maybe) LOL

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

I hope, you guys feel better soon! Your plants will be waiting for you,take time to heal! :)

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outch! hope yins feel better,

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

it's coming along...yesterday I was digging some things with my left hand..."L"

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were theres a will theres a way :)

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