Overwintering Meyer lemon in a container

birdman2009October 17, 2011

So I've got a single meyer lemon in about a 4-5 gallon plastic pot, and I'm trying to come up with a minimal maintenance idea to keep it sufficiently warm this winter. I'm in N. Mississippi, so it won't be too cold, but we'll get some cold days.

I thought about moving it in and out of the garage, but it just takes one night to forget about it and I've lost my lemon. I'd rather have some sort of heating device I could set on a timer to keep the roots warm (well, 40 F or so) on cold nights. Any ideas?

Can't bring it inside - my lunatic cat will eat it.

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If a simple cover over it is not enough you might use a string of Christmas lights, not the new LED type, but the older ones using the 6 watts lights. Garage sales are great place to get them for almost nothing. Al

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Thanks for the thought!

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