Am I crazy that I am already planning for the fall Swaps to start

gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)June 23, 2009

Hi everyone. I first and foremost want to say hi to everyone. I have been MIA for a little while as we have been extremely busy. I also wanted to say thank you for all the prayers and well wishes for my Father In Law. He is still with us though every day we wonder when. (He has end stage lung cancer). We are able to look at every day as a blessing and receive it as such. He was very sick for a while and then amazingly to us and the dr's again, he pulled thorugh and is fighting.

I also want to say I am enjoying gardening this year and going through my seeds is a pleasure. Thank you to everyone for the seed trades and to the round robin type swaps. THey are so much fun !! That brings me to my original question/post. LOL

Am I the only crazy person out there who is planning or in my case re-doing the garden next year and drawing it out already? Also, on all of the crazy rainy days we have had I have started going through and redoing completely my want list and have list. I want to be ready LOL. I think I may have lost it, but it seemed like a good thing to do as the rain has been crazy !!

I am also trying to figure out why my Walmart and Lowe's have not clearanced the seeds yet???? I want to raid the display when they do and keep thinking they will be anytime but they have not. It is almost July people. Clearance it out already !!!

Ok I am done. I got my gardenweb fix and really wanted to say hi LOL. Love ya


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token28001(zone7b NC)

Lowe's may have seeds year round from what I've been told. They won't be clearance racking any of those this year. We've got orders to keep the shelves stocked and neatly organized. I think it has something to do with the economy.

I've already started collecting my own seeds. I'm not saving them yet, but spreading them where I want more of something next year. I'll start collecting once the breadseed poppies are ripe.

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gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)

That is interesting about Lowes keeping them stocked. I will watch that. I need to check TSC too, b/c a couple years ago I hit a clearance sale and stocked up on enough seed starter mix that I have not had to buy it for the last two seasons. I will next year though unless I can get it now on clearance.

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You have at least one crazy companion. I've been making notes about what I will be looking for in swaps this fall.
Today I packaged what I have already harvested because I will be busier in September and don't want to miss out on a swap because I don't have time to pack seeds.
See both of you there,

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Make that two. I found a new construction site and talked to the man that was in charge of the landscaping. I now have about 250 black plastic pots that are from 1 to 5 gallons in size. Most of them are 1 gal pots. I'm planning on potting up a lot of volunteers that came up in my beds this year and there are many plants that need thinning. I'm hoping to make the MTPS this Fall.

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gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)

What is MTPS?? I just started doing this in January. LOL

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Middle Tennessee Plant Swap. They just had one back in May and will have another this Fall. It is at Henry Horton State Park I think. You can find more info on the Tennessee Gardening forum. I've never been to one but would really like to.

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Hey, gardenmom2, Dollar General has their seed packets half price. The local one here doesn't have much of a selection, especially after my visit today :) I'm watching their glad bulbs -- not on sale yet.

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