ok i have a blister on the side of my thumb from a bug

medontdo(8)June 23, 2008

what kinda bug "bite or something" leaves that?? can i just pop it and vinegar it?? that's what i have to do!! its tooooooo annoying to me!!! LOL

man these skeeters are killer this year!! even worse than last year!! i think the steroids they were on last year are worse!! or maybe they are finding some kinda super killer meth unheard of!!maybe some kinda super killer meth on steroids, i mean i watch it on cops and see them people!! totally unstoppable. LOL yep and the mosquitos' are striped, i know, nuts, but i figuerd theyre already biting me so i had to see what they looked like and one had striped and some polkadots on it, crazy!! so i hurried up and smashed it while it was in all its glory of drinking my fat filled blood!! LOL it was very drunk with vitamins!! LOL HEE HEE

ANDDDDDDD the lavender don't even bother them anymore. who knew???? MANNNN!!!! what am i gonna do??? hmmmm.....i will find something...LOL

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

are you going to try that Listerine thingy you posted about?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Might it have been a deer fly? They just keep going zing, zing, zing around the head usually before landing and biting. They make me crazy.

I really like OFF Smooth and Dry, if I have to use anything. It is dry and not oily like the other nasty sprays.


Here is a link that might be useful: deer fly at wikipedia

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i did try it, with the citrus one, and it worked, for a while, so we are gonna try the mint one and see and the original one and see the difference :')) but they do work!!
i got my blister in the middle of the night sometime, so hubs thinks its some kind of spider that bit me. i dunno. but i popped it and have been vinegaring it so it won't get infected. hurts but i don't care i know it will heal in a couple of days!! LOL ~Medo

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We use generic listerine original flavor and put it in a spray bottle and mist ourselves.Works pretty good to.I rather smell like listerine than bug spray.

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we found a blister bug in the bedroom when i was moving "everything" around. ugh!! HOW GROSS!!!! LOL so yep i found it!!! i am woman and found my criminal!!! LOL summerhill seeds emailed me to let me know that they are going to be shipping my seeds sooN!!! LOL i just love that company!! they let me know what they are doing everystep of the way! great for a control freak!! LOL HEE HEE LOL i'm not that bad yet!! LOL ~Medo

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