Fall pot-up versus spring pot-up

maple_grove_gwOctober 14, 2013

I'd like to discuss why you would waiting until spring versus potting up now. I would love to see a review of the considerations for and against each. From what I can recall, most would suggest waiting until the spring since the plant is about to enter its metabolically most active period and will recover fastest. But is there really a big difference?

That's my general question, geared towards getting a better understanding of the relevant factors. Next, the specific questions:

I some plants recently purchased, which are a little root-bound, in an okay mix but still on the peaty side for my taste. They will be moved up either now or later, and I'm thinking that it would be better to do so now to get them out of the peat (and into 511), and out of the cramped pot. On the other hand, they'll be overwintered in my unheated garage, so space considerations would favor waiting until I'm ready to move them out.

There are also some plants that have been in 511 for a couple years which I'd like to pot up. Not so urgent in this case, but I'm thinking of doing them too. The other consideration is time, which I've got a little of now. Last year, I waited until spring to pot up and got so overloaded that a lot of other garden chores were a little neglected.

Hence the question, is it really that much better to wait? What do you think?



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Oxboy555(Las Vegas)

Just because there is an optimal time doesn't mean the other times are bad necessarily for pot-ups. Conventional wisdom says there's never a bad time really to get rootbound/suffering plants out of the Peat Pudding and into better substrate as soon as possible.

A lot of times I think WE derive more stress out of when to pot-up/repot than the plant does. If it's an OCD/peace of mind thing, then just do it. The plant will likely survive, probably thrive and still love you the same. :)

I think a pot-up or repot out of 2-yr old 5-1-1 is bordering on urgent. i also think doing all your 5-1-1 pot-ups/repots at the same time each yr (say in the month of March or whatever) will help you buy in bulk/cheap and keep you on a schedule, i.e., you will know every year/other year you have to stock up on materials and perform the transplants on all your babies. You can get in a groove that way.

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Thanks for the helpful comments Oxyboy. That's what I was looking for. (Either that or, "no, don't do it now!")

I guess you're right and maybe I'm overthinking this one. I'll pot 'em up this weekend.


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