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karyn1(7a)June 12, 2012

I keep saying that I'm going to stop offering seeds/plants for postage and I certainly don't do it much anymore but I think I'm really going to stop all together. I offered a new member seeds for postage. She said that she had mailed her envelope but I never received it. She said that she couldn't afford to send another and I left it at that. About a week later I received an envelope (not from a GW member) whose postage wasn't canceled so I contacted the person whose SASBE was lost in the mail and said that I would send her the seeds if she still wanted them. She immediately emailed back thanking me and I told her to please let me know when she got the package. I mailed out about 10 packs of seed. Do you think this person had the courtesy to even send a quick email that she had gotten the seeds and maybe even a thank you? No, I had to email her and ask if she got the seeds. She responded that she had and thank you but things had just been hectic. We all have hectic lives. I have 3 kids with one just graduating, another recovering from a dog attack and my little one just being himself. lol I managed to get the envelope out which involved a heck of a lot more then being on the receiving end. Sorry for the vent but I'm really disappointed right now. I feel like I'm getting taken advantage of and have been more and more lately. I used to really enjoy trading and sending out sasbe's. Heck I have one of the highest feedback ratings on GW but I think I'm done and will stick to trades with the folks I've known for years.

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mastergarder2003(5 MI.)

I have had bad and Great trades. It happens. Iam telling you some have really went out of there ways to be friendly and some have send me Lilliums and garlic for some of my wonderful silly old garden seeds. so I dont like to do self address trades at all eather but I do love to trade pack for pak trades. Those are what I stick with. I love to through in extras to surprise people. Its fun to go out of your ways for others It always comes back to you. One trade sent me a huge env. of seeds for a few of mine when I just got started that really empressed me to keep trading. I have butterfly shrubs coming up right now so pretty and fox gloves white and pink our yard would not be what it is now without the amazing trades and kindness of others on Gw. I would love to get my last 5 state traded with if only they would get out of there gardens and swap with me. The list of states I need is on my swap list. Dont give up keep having fun we all have dry days. Once a swaper always a swapper

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I try realy hard to let them know I got them sometimes I forget or post a message saying how great a trader they are and foeget to tell them.
But I allways love getting the wonderfull seeds in the mail and the wonderfull people who send them to me make me feel special when they send extra suprises.

I now can send extras and next year even more since I can finally get everything into soil this year.

So thank you even though we proubly have not traded but im sure you make people feel special when you send seeds.

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I know how you feel. I use to trade a lot here and have seed offers also. It was fun at first but got old after about 5 years. I got tired of all the BS and I just really don't have the time like I use to. In the last 2 years I have let the weeds and bermuda reclaim 4 of my big flower beds. They get mowed with the rest of the lawn. I still collect the seed from the rest of the beds and donate them to someone else who is hosting a big seed offer.


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A few weeks ago a member posted requesting Yugoslavian Finger Fruit seeds. I had a few left and offered to send them. I did, the very next day. The person did not acknowledge receipt and I have decided that I am not going to follow up. I spent enough time packaging, buying postage and mailing. That lack of courtesy appears to be the new normal.
When I see a post looking for something I have my first impulse is to reply, but more often than not these days I resist the urge to respond with an offer.
I am almost finished responding at all, I think, unless it is someone I "know".

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