Screening ideas needed

justin_h635July 1, 2013

Was wondering what some ideas would be as far as screening the tank and electric from the views shown. Flowerbeds, shrubs, grasses, etc. On a hill. Lots of wind.

Was thinking Viburnum but we are not the best at choosing. Thought it would be fun to hear some expert opinions.

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

These are views from your home? You see these exact views from the window?

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No, that is not the view from the house. The second pic is from the driveway on the side of the house (or the view to the side as you drive up).. First is looking well off to the side of the house from the back porch.

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I know on another forum it boiled down to "how to screen a yellow submarine" . Someone here will be able to help you out, but living here in hilly, curvy,wooded New England I admit to being baffled by the challenge.

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There was a time (quite long ago) when I thought that the way to handle these types of items was to completely screen them with shrubs. Then I began seeing what monstrosities the shrub screens, more often than not, tended to become. If these things were not here, what landscaping would occur in this space anyway? Would it only mowed grass or would something else be added for another reason? BTW, the pictures are too close up and do not give a sense of what's nearby. Could you add another picture taken from a distance ... like 80' or 100' back? It would be helpful to know the context ... what's around ... rather than that they appear only as elements in an open, disconnected field.

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Yes, please add a photo or two that shows us some context.

Perhaps one from through a window, where you're most concerned about the view from inside; and then another photo showing your house in proximity to these.

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