looking for musicaldeity......

tina_2June 21, 2008

Hi - I am still waiting for a response, explanation or something. Thanks - tina_2

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have you been reading the saga?? LOL just curious :'))

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is there another saga?
tina i dont know if you had a seed or plant trade with kim, i do know someone who just got her seeds from kim n was happy with them:)

i have a plant with kim i know she got mine n was happy with it [saving e-mail] but i have not gotten her end, she said she mailed it in a flat rate box at the post office but no time for dc# weeks ago. i also got a e-mail from another gw member asking about our trade as they had one before mine n still has not gotten kims end and no responce to e-mails [i will not name as they can post open if they want to]
as she seems like such a nice person i hope she starts e-mailing and working things out,:)

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kim has also not followed through with a trade with me. i have sent a box of plants and seeds for seeds i really wanted. it has been 3 weeks. i am a completely fair and understanding person but, she will not respond to my emails, and will not even say she received my package. i will be posting a negative review today. good luck getting your seeds. i hope you are one of the few she has decided to actually follow through on a trade. good luck! =)

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if you copy n past a screen name in the search box all their posts show up. kims last post was june 20th in the florida forum n shes been on line posting in gw this week, as shes been online n not responding to e-mails or hasnt seemed to care to even send one asking if her end came in, im also posting in the R&R

Here is a link that might be useful: Florida Gardening Forum

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I have also not received my end of our agreed trade from Kim. I have read about her "saga". But do not feel that this has anything to do with my trade with her. I arranged a plant trade with her. She has some very cute "stories" to tell and we all appreciate that, but when she does not follow through with her end of an agreement, and will not e-mail any explanation, and just shows a lack of concern that we are not receiving our end, her "stories" are not so cute anymore. Especially when she is still posting for more trades. I do not beleive a word she says. I am also posting on the R&R

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leecb(5 MA)

Uh-oh. I mailed out her seeds last week for a trade and even emailed to alert her that they were on their way. Have not gotten a response or her end of the trade.
How long of a wait is normal?
I'm new to trading, this one will have been my fourth ever...and possibly the 3rd time that I wont get anything in return. :(

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

She burned me too. Back in May she insisted on a trade when I offered to send her seeds for SASBE. I wasnt trading at the time ,but had respect for a new trader that wanted to trade instead of sending postage.Well,I am wondering if it wasnt her character she was worried about,but the fact she didnt want to send not even a stamp for what she was receiving. Well her days are numbered,cant see she will get very many trades after this,I posted to the R&R also,sorry she burned so many people!

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