Planter box to keep tortoise out

ally7October 21, 2012

Good morning all!

Hope this is in the right area for posting. Need some creative ideas for planter box to keep a tortoise at bay. Has anyone had luck in building a raised planter box (approx. size 2'W x 10'L x 1'H) against the wall of an existing house and avoided water damage to home due to close proximity?

My issue is our pet sulcata tortoise that is now about 20" around and 50lbs. He is unrelenting and will eat pretty much anything!! I used to have a nice fully shaded planting area next to our front door that housed greenery and then seasonal plants and decorations for the holidays. Because it was a normal inground bed, could water regular and no flood problems coming from under the sill plate of the home. I have built a wooden container box surrounding the area to try and replant and keep him away since it will be higher up, but am fearful of filling in with dirt and plants without future waterings somehow making way into the house possible. Ideally, the construction of the home should prevent this, but with older homes (built in 1947) we all know anything goes! Any suggestions and ideas would be appreciated!!!


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I have a sulcata and I don't think a 1'H box will keep him out of your flowers for long. Mine will go almost vertical trying to reach a tasty morsel. We had to put a two foot high fence around our plants and he still eats anything he can reach and spends hours ramming it. I will let someone else address the water damage issue.

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