has anyone else......

lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)June 10, 2009

has anyone else gotten to the "gee, I don't remember planting this!" point? Also the "hmmm..wonder what this is?"..."G"

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ya, but mostly because, i dont' want to send bad seeds, so what i do is put all of my seed in a bowl and throw them in a bed, so most generally i have absolutely have no idea what is in there!! LOL but i absolutely love that!! **grin** so i am always wondering what in the heck is in there!! LOL when i don't wonder, i know that i "know" too much!! LOL ~Medo

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Also the "hmmm..wonder what this is?"

I'm doing that, but in established beds as opposed to containers. I have just recently gotten a chance to do some serious weeding in a couple of very weedy flower beds.

I 'think' there 'might' be several pink butterfly bush seedlings, so have carefully weeded and worked around them...will have to take them up later.

I also found a really unique purple leafed something at the edge of the bed, unlike anything else I have anywhere...will have to move or pot that up too.

Then there is something that might be pink butterfly weed, or maybe a short yellow primrose (that I love) that has never reseeded. I guess only time will tell.

Boy things are wet here, with more rain expected these next several days. As I get a small area weeded, I plan to get the corn gluten meal (seed germination suppressant) down so the weeds won't start coming up again soon before the mulch gets spread.


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i am so jealous of the gardeners who have them!! LOL one day i will!! just not this year **grin** i think it will be my goal for next year. ~Medo

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

I have some things I'm "watching" in a couple of beds..I haven't a clue what they are yet...I think that's one of the more fun aspects of gardening!

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token28001(zone7b NC)

I passed that point a few months ago. I'm now currently thinking, there is NO WAY I PLANTED ALL THIS!!!!!!

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yes, then we went on vacation, came back and guesse what?? yep! hubs forgot to water ALL the plants, so i wondered where ALL my babies are, soooo what if they looked like weeds to him, they didn't to my and talla's fairies,and the butterflies. LOL so now i have 2 huge vacant beds!!! but wait till my rhodies and oleanders root, Lord i hope they root!! then i'll have enough to fill 2 beds!! i have a lemon and orange tree clipping and a plumb tree clipping i got all from cali. i hope they also root! (praying) ~Medo

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