Plant name markers

quiltingfoxJune 22, 2008

I like to garden frugally. My sister-in-law read somewhere of how you can make plastic plant name markers by cutting up old light colored miniblinds and using a sharpie marker. Does anyone else have ideas on how to make plant name markers to place in pots or in the garden? Or possibly where they can be purchased inexpensively? Would love to have your feedback.

Best to you,


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don't use the sharpie marker, it will fade, trust me :'))
go to micheals and they have some for 99 cents that i got that is great, and also at micheals they have some others that is fade resistant. ya just have to remember permenant does not mean fade resistant, also check out the winter sowing forum they will tell ya the ones that will not fade!! i think in the frugal forum they have a whole bunch of different things you can use and they are just awesome!! :')) the things people come up with is simply amazing!! LOL
~ Medo

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Okay, I found the Frugal Gardening Forum and it's got what I need. Thanks for everyone's emails.


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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

geez, I didn't even know there was a frugal gardening forum.."shaking head"...I have to get off this forum more..."L"

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