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nel.nucifera(8a)June 18, 2012

This is kind of tricky for me. But I want to know how you all trade your plants for seeds? I would like to do seed pack for seed pack and plant for plant. But let's say you have plants and are trading for seeds. Shipping for plants is a little more pricey than seeds (depending on the amount of plants). So, how do you work things out so it's fair for everyone involved?

So far I'm thinking of doing plant for seed trades only with members I've traded with in the past. Opinions, please?


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I don't think that I would, especially with someone I didn't know. If I have a plant offer and someone I'm friendly with wants it I'd likely just send it to them.

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Karyn, that is what I'm thinking, too. Personally, I wouldn't know how to do it so no one feels ripped off.

Pondering if a plant could be worth 2 small seed pak. Or if even that is considered highway robbery.

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Stick with plant for plant and seed for seed unless it is someone you trade with often.

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