winter sowing???

dan_the_mailmanJune 5, 2008

Okay, all you enablers, let's get into the winter-sowing thing. I know I'm going to be doing it, not even going to put up a fight. So tell me, is there anything I should be doing now to start getting ready for it? Should I be saving jugs? I'm gonna need some edumakators with this one, so lay it on me!

I do usually plant a flat of marigolds just before Christmas so I'll have some flowers growing by the end of January. Gotta beat those winter-time blues somehow! Does that count???

I know I'm gonna regret saying this, but I'm going to anyway....... anyone wanna tell me what to do, and when I should be doing it???

(man, if that's not a wide-open door, I don't know what is)

(walking away, hanging my head low and shaking it a bit, I've really done it to myself this time)

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

"lining up behide Dan"..yeah, you guys got me too...."sigh"

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Trudi_d has written some wonderful FAQ for the Winter Sowing Forum. I think she has pretty well covered about everything anyone would ever need to know about Winter Sowing.

There is also Spring and summer sowing via containers also. The main thing I like about starting seeds in containers, is that they alone, pretty well germinate, and not a bunch of weeds. When direct sowing seeds in the ground, I find there are usually a lot more weeds that emerge before the actual planted seeds then there is a bunch of weeding that needs done.

You might check this FAQ out...Is there Spring and Summer Sowing? (seed lists included) of the WS FAQ.


Here is a link that might be useful: Winter Sowing Forum FAQ

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daffodillady(7b/8a central AL)

I am saving all my gallon jugs and 20 oz bottles. I didn't care for them last year, so I hope to trade them at the fall swap. I am saving 2 and 3 liter bottles for my own use. And I have a small stack of clear totes that I have already drilled holes in the bottoms and tops, for the larger amounts of the same seeds, or they can be divided. It was so much fun the first time, that I can't wait to try it again!!

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I've never done winter sowing... but will. I did though set up a propagation tank this year, and have actually been rotating more and more thing in as stuff comes out. I actually may set up another one today, I'm getting antsy and want to start more plants... lol.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I did though set up a propagation tank this year,
Kim, I would love to see your propagation you have pics, or have you given details about it elsewhere here on GW?

I see the Most Clipped Post (clipped 57 times) is for an Easy Propagation Chamber.

Is yours maybe like this...Easy Propagation Chamber...for rooting cuttings?

I too liked the 2 litre bottles as to not hijack this...


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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Join us on the Winter Sowing forum. Start by reading the FAQs. Also check out Trudi's website.

Right now, you can join us spring and summer sowing, collecting containers, prepping beds and organizing a list of what to sow.

I'm summer sowing Sweet William and basil and plan to sow dianthus and sea holly once the seeds are ripe.

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i don't like the 2 liter bottle, the thing that worked best for me was the cell trays, it "kept" everything seperate, and individual, i could just plop it out, no digging, and when i wanted to put it in the ground, i just plopped it out and put in the ground, that simple, no digging, no spoons. no nothing extra. like i have to for the others. IMHO :'))

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agirlsgirl(7 North Carolina)

I agree with bakemom,start saving your containers now,it will save you alot of running around at the last minute. And pick up a bail or two of seed starting mix,that way you are already to go! I plan to summer sow a bunch of perennials. Being this is my first year ws'ing.I have alot of things I will do differently next year. For instance,I will mark every container with it's contents ,preferred lighting,color and height. This will save me alot of time next year!:) This year I numbered my containers and logged them in,works just fine,but time is a real issue,I have been spending time making markers with the necessary info,when I could have done this in the first place and saved myself a few hours! I took the advice to use a sautering gun, (spelling?,to poke my holes,this was very fast and effective.
I could go on and on,but my best advice would be to read at the ws forum and site. There is no better info and/or advice than you will find in these two places.Have fun,and remember you could start now,those perennials willbloom next year! :) Good Luck Dan! :D

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Now see? I knew you guys would get me on the right track! Thanks! -Dan

and Linda? Shall we make this journey together? You don't have to follow behind me, we can walk through this side-by-side. LOL!!!

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Go over to the forum and post. Tell them Bakemom sent you. See what happens.

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ohhh ya!! them guys/gals are very smart!! :')) and of course everyone finds the way they prefer to do the sowing best. we found some who like to do the milk jugs the hard way others who like to do it the easy way (me!! LOL) some who talk alot (me) LOL the number one thing!! get an awesome marker! and just because it says permanent don't mean it is! and of course you know that. i'm sure you know which ones are the best being out there. LOL

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I just went over to the Winter-Sowing FAQs, and got a wealth of information! I won't be sowing in plastic bottles though. Here in Michigan, soda bottles require a deposit which we get back when we return them.

And now, just for fun, I'm going over to the winter-sowing forum and tell them bakemom sent me there. I'll let you all know what happens.....


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Dan be careful...they will ALL be throwing seeds your way, you will be inindated with them AND they will all enabale you to the point where you will have hundreds of little sprouts and no where to plant them...I hope you dont become a WS addict like the rest of us...( yea, right)

Bakemom should be the queenbee of enablers..grin.

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Checked back at the winter sowing forum today, and man, it was kewl!!! Lot's of helpful information thrown my way, welcomed to the group HUGETIME, and, let's face it, enabled/addicted even more! LOL!! LMAO!!!
I've now got my family hoarding plastic gallon jugs for me, making plans to set up a shelter off the back porch next winter to keep the snow off of me while I check out my own jugs (no comments on that, please!!! LOL), and I'm trying to get Linda to head over there too. She knows she's gonna eventually, hehehe.

Had to explain the lack of a lawn to them all, they actually thought I'd have a problem finding room for another garden bed! (snort/chuckle) They know better now!

Yesterday I found some variegated ornamental Indian corn at one of the local nurseries, and of course bought some. It's about 3 feet tall at present. The stalks and leaves are so cool with that mix of white and green! I'm gonna have to help the fertilization process along since there're only the two stalks, but that'll be no problem. I hope to get enough seed to share here on the GW. Those stalks were $9 apiece! Already have some experiments in mind for next year, depending on how much seed I get. Anyone else ever grow this type of corn?

Hey! There's a lull in the rain, so I'm heading outside to do some gardening. Y'all take care!


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Once you start WSing, you may never try anything else. It was so cool to go out in March and see a bunch of little green sprouts when nothing else was green. It is a great experience but it can get out of hand (she says who tried about 400 varieties of WS seeds). Ann

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went to lowes today, and helped mom with some plants, and she found some "broke" hydrandea on the floor, so she said "hey medo, look at this! i said how sad and kinda cool, she said i wonder if they're gonna throw it away, i'm like i dunno?? she's like well, ask!!! so duh, i did!! and they were, so i said, can i have it?? they let me!! score!! LOL my mom thinks for me when i dont' how awesomely cool is she??!!!!! LOL she bought me a mandevilla that was on sale cuz of all the storms. yay its pretty pink, i got it for like 7 bucks!! so i'm like way happy!! :'))

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Medo, my brother works in the garden dept of Lowe's, and if you ask them they'll even help you find open bags of mulch or dirt (have to be discounted) and plants that are sad and need attention... all at discounts. He's actually coming to visit (we're only an hour apart) for the next couple of days... and her has a truck. I drive a two seater... lol... I should say I abuse it. I haul manure, trees, plants... anything. But I'm going to take advantage of him being here and we're going shopping! and manure hauling etc... lol

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Sue, I just saw your reply about my propagation tank. I'll gladly show it, though it looks messy right now... I'll get photos tonight or tomorrow and post em up! Its made from an aquarium. I lined the tops of the glass with foil and put toilet paper/paper towel rolls cut and filled with dirt in. I labeled each one. Then pour water down the sides and let it fill a bit in the bottom, the tubes and soil will wick it up and stay moist. I occasionally spray the tops a bit with a mister, but you don't have to. On top I'm using a reptile light. Its a basking bulb that mimics sun, it worms the soil and even gives off the same UVA/UVB rays. So far its worked well. I'll get those pics soon though.

I'm also prepping for winter sowing by cleaning and holding onto my jugs. I took all the kind with handles and strung them together, they are now hanging in the garage. I'm fighting off the urge to set up another tank... but we'll see.

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ok here's a page i used to "run" off some pages of some stuff, it has some things for wish list, when you started your seeds, when they sprouted, and things like that, and its free to copy them, so have at it!! for the garden journal. i did read that ya were looking for them?? right??

Here is a link that might be useful: garden journal

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