Yes Virginia, There IS a Plant-a-claus...

kms4meJuly 9, 2009

I've been offline for a while now... My computer finally died. Completely. Totally. She's been on her last legs for a long time, a few years. Though I knew she would go some time, she was such a trooper, I kind of thought she and I would limp along indefinitely, burning brightly, then shutting down without warning, only to rally the next hour, if not then the next day. But Lulu the Emachine finally booted for the last time.

Another computer was not in the budget. Underemployment, a soft spot in the roof, then the water pump took a lightening strike and was a whopping $900 to replace... You know, LIFE.

I had my annual plant sale which went well, but I had several plants left over, which I always try to give to charity. I called a friend and asked if her church would like a donation of free plants. She said no, but called me back that same night to say her son, a computer geek for Target corporation, had recently bought a house on five acres and would trade me a computer for my leftover plants. He came with a small trailer and got them, and loaned me a laptop until he has my computer ready. We talked about what my needs are, and he will have it early next week.

I was going to compost the plants... I cannot believe it.

This feels like a July Christmas to me, so Thank you, Great Plant-a-claus.

I just had to share this... I am so happy!


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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

WOW! That it amazing! What great story with a happyending!!

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

Kate...YAY! Welcome back. I went without a computer for sevearl months a couple of years ago so I feel your pain.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Oh Kate, that is so wonderful. Isn't it strange yet wonderful how so many things work themselves out? That is so great that you connected with a computer geek needing plants. May you have a long and wonderful friendship meeting one another's needs. find that variegated aralia. Then you would have 2 Christmases in July.


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Thanks everyone!

Sue, if I found the variegated aralia I think I would be afraid I'd died and gone to heaven.

More good news... Husband is back to work full time plus will have overtime next month. So to celebrate, we are off for a quick, cheap camping vacation in the Michigan Upper Penninsula, one of my favorite places on earth.

Take care everyone!


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That's great! You just never know about the crazy turns life takes. It is great that your husband is back to work too!
Enjoy that vacation,

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as my brother always says God is good!! mine is, sometimes, it just takes him some time to find me!! **onery grin** LOL i'm just soooooo short in this huge world!!! LOL
i'm so happy for you!! it's great that everything worked out! i hope that you have a great time on your vacation!! :')

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