Men on the MOON!!!

graaniebJuly 21, 2009

Hard to believe it's been 40 years already!

Where were you when Neil Armstrong first set food on the moon?

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I remember where I was! I was standing in my grandmother's living room holding a very large frog that was about to struggle out of my hands. I had come in to ask for some Kool-Aid and she was watching the coverage on TV.
I thought it was exciting, but she thought it was a hoax and she believed that all of her life.

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I was in front of a TV. My father insisted I watch being it was one the most important historical events you could actually see happening. I of course was just a little kid and didn't care, but I do remember because of him.
The other bizarre event from 1969 that I remember was the shutting off of Niagara Falls, the American Falls. Yes! this did happen. I saw it with my own eyes again because of my father. All the water was diverted to the Horseshoe Falls. It was weird.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dewatering of Niagara Falls in 1969

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I was 5 and in Kindergarden. I'm pretty sure we were watching it on TV but I don't really remember.

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Alana, you probably held frogs since you can remember? Makes me wonder about your name?
Your grandmother wasn't the only one, there are still disbelievers and skeptics , some saying it was filmed in AZ!
It was and still is amazing to watch, first time was with anticipation, not knowing what kind of terrain they've really landed on. I was watching with my husband and 2 little daughters who don't remember it.
Remy, Niagra Falls must've been a sight and another memorable event, natural disaster we thought was the worst until Katrina, hurricane Camille happened 8-17-1969. We all escaped ,main thing but all the houses were ruined.

Should have asked: What plants you had at the time of Apollo 11 mission? ---smile.
Actually we had a big garden as we had them twice a year, flowers near the house, simple ones, glads and nasturtiums were prettiest, always have em.

Later all, sleepy,

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Jim! You're a youngster! :)

Oh, but you could still remember something, no?

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I loved the excitement of it all. I actually held my breath as the lunar lander touched down. We had discussed it all so thoroughly in science class that we were revved up about it.
I was 10 at the time and clearly remember Walter Cronkite smiling and clapping his hands. So glad they showed that on tv last week. He was the only news anchor we would watch. God rest him!

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Something to watch and something how Walter Cronkite passed away around this memorable time, it's befitting, God rest his soul.
YouTube has plenty on the subject , including the hoax theories, some funny.
I'd really like to see summer free of violent storms.

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