Seed exchange gone wrong

katmatney(5 NY)July 27, 2008

What do you think of a person who emails you asking for a trade of your freshly harvested seeds in exchange for some seeds of hers. She emails you with updates. Oops, she doesn't have what you wanted pick something else and how the shipping is going. She emails when she receives yours, etc. Then when I receive mine, the seed packets are 10 and 11 years old !!! The delphinium seeds are 11 years old, delphinium seeds from I can read are short lived seeds that really don't hold up for even 1 year. I emailed her concerning how upset I was that mine were freshly harvested and hers are really old. She has not responded back. I am thinking about leaving negative feedback on the exchange rating boards. What would you do ??



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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

I would leave a VERY negative rating on the exchange boards, no doubt about it.


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Yep, if she doesn't ans. your emails or offer to resend newer seeds, I would leave neg. feedback also. That's what the rate and review forum is for. However, you may want to see if she responds to why she sent such old seeds, did she not know they were no good? and is she willing to replace them?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I would certainly try and work it out privately via emails, without getting too upset.

I'm wondering if maybe the member might have received them in as a trade, so that lead him/her to believe they would be fine to pass along.

As most of us know the viability of seeds varies from seed to seed, and also is affected by the way it is stored. Someone newer to saving, growing, and trading seeds might not be as aware of all this as most of us are.

I doubt if she sent them thinking or knowing that they were likely no good.
I have received in seeds that were moldy. I have received in 'stuff' that contained no actual seeds...butterfly bush comes to mind. I also sent out butterfly bush seeds, before I learned more about them, and their pods, and the pods opening once they were finally dried and ready. What I had sent out in good faith, was likely no good...sigh.

Just to make a short story long, I'm saying I guess, that were were all new, or newer at one time, and learning things as we went. I hope you are able to get things all worked out.

Sue...who is still learning

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ok, here's another thought, look at them, how fresh do they look?? i mean compare them to fresh looking ones on the internet. or ask someone who knows. take a pic and post them. or what ever. i guess i'm saying what if they're fresh, but the bag just say's theyre not. i re use my baggies. so maybe she re-uses her baggies?? just another thought. but i'd definately get back with her, very nicely, and then find out whats going on. it just may be very simple. i've learned never to be all "crazy" (as i say LOL) Good Luck :') ~Medo

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I would try to work it out privately first.Has there been any complaints on her reviews concerning old seeds?I received some old seeds a month or so ago(I knew from the date on the unopened seed packet)it never occurred to me to complain or leave a negative review.With trading you never know what you may get and the bonus's far outweigh the disappointing few trades I've had.Debbie

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I got some 9 YO seeds as extras, so of course I wasnt mad, an extra is an extra. And the gosh darn things germinated and are growing. You never know with some of them.

I think that since You let her know you werent happy and she hasnt responded, a factual comment concerning your dissatisfaction with the trade is in order. You made a good faith effort to work it out and she's ignoring you.

Why wait until you're so steaming mad you could spit? If you do it sooner rather than later, you have a better chance a writing a factual comment instead of risking flaming her. (Yep, thats what I did, waiting too long until I was breathing fire and let it get out of proportion.)

At a minimum, she should send your seeds back to you.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Kathy and I have been in touch, and a resolution is pending at this time.

I got some 9 YO seeds as extras, so of course I wasnt mad, an extra is an extra. And the gosh darn things germinated and are growing. You never know with some of them.
What was it that was 9 years old? I often wonder just what kind of germination rate there is for seed that is 4-5-6-7-8-9 + years old. Since 'most' trades are for 25 or so seeds, one would think that at least a couple would sprout, yielding at least a couple of plants, even if they were older. I 'know' that isn't the case though with all varieties of seeds.


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katmatney(5 NY)

You will all be glad to hear that things have been resolved. SHe contacted me, apologized and is sending out new seeds. Thanks for all of your concerns and suggestions.

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Hi Sue!

It was Burpee Oregano, original commercial packaging, the foil packet inside the seed envy. It appeared to be a brand new package, so I even wondered if the date was just printed wrong. Obviously it was well cared for and stored perfectly! Ive got seed packs I bought in May that are in pretty bad shape, so for it to look that good and be 9 years old just amazes me. Musta been a house with no kids.


Im glad it worked out Kathy.


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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

That is great Kathy,it is more than likely a relief for you that you didnt have to leave a negative for someone,I know it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up at the very thought of having to leave a negative for someone,fortunately,it has only been necessary one time. As for the old seeds,Gramma has seeds that are older than time she gets great germination from,she is a seed buying addict and has some from '83 that are still good!

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katmatney(5 NY)

Hello Everyone
I just wanted to report that I received my seeds from my trade. She was more then generous an I am happy to report that she was an honest and fair trader. Everyone on this website has been great to deal with, honest and trustworthy. So I am glad that things worked out and I didn't have to leave - feedback. Thanks for all of your support and help. We are lucky to have a great family here.

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