Found my 'Dream Plant'' yesterday!

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)July 2, 2009

Last year I had seen a Tricolor Beech Tree planted in the landscape at a nursery. Yesterday I was at the nursery, and she just happened to have 2 of them for sale. They are not easily found around here at any price, and I had never even seen or heard of one before seeing hers.

When I asked how much it was, and she replied, "$50.00" I never batted and eye, and knew I had to have one. I don't think I have ever paid that much for any plant or shrub in my life, though I had maybe been considering $40 or $45 for a Fern Leaf peony. I know I will get a lot more enjoyment out of this tree in the years to come.

I've been thinking about the ideal spot for planting it, so it will be safe, yet very visible in the landscape here. There is one ideal place for it, so the crepe myrtle is getting yanked out and being replaced by the tree. The CM has been a lovely summer focal point in years past, but this past winter it died back to the ground for a change, so it's not going to be very showy this summer anyway.

Do you have any very, very special things you sort of 'lust' after? What might they be?

Yesterday at the nursery, I also bought 3 different Oriental Lilies, one being in bloom and it perfumed the Jeep for the ride home.

I also hit a 60% off sale on shrubs at a Farm Supply Store. That yielded several nice different hydrangeas, lilacs, and viburnums, priced from $2.80 to $6. I felt like I really hit the motherload.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tricolor Beech images

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It's beautiful~worth every penny! (I'm jealous!)

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Great tree! $50 is a lot of money but not for a tree. Now if you paid $50 for a perennial, I would say that's a lot.
I'm going to the daylily place, Cottage Farm, farm next Sat. I wonder how much I'll spend. Last year, I spent $12 on one and I had a hard time justifying that, lol.(I did get another for $5 and one for $7.) For how much people pay for some daylilies I know it isn't that much, but I am cheap. It is gorgeous though, Blueberry Breakfast, and at the farm, he gives you clumps so it really did end up being a deal.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

It had a Klehm's tag in it, and I see they are $36 on their site and $22 to ship one plant (3 day delivery).

The place where I got it was Winton's Iris Hill. They have over 1000 irises, and over 1500 Daylilies, and over 400 Hostas. The daylilies were probably at their peak here, but I wasn't that interested. Doris, (owner/operator) drove me around a bit on the property for a quick view as we were going from point A to point B.

My other great finds there were

Double Delight (pink) Coneflower-$6-Gorgeous!
'Conca d' Or' Oriental Lily-$3
Golden Stargazer Lily $3
Montezuma Lily $3
Honeycomb (yellow) Butterfly Bush $5
Dianthus Ruby's Tuesday $4
Lilac Evangeline $5

I just couldn't get interested in the daylilies when there were so many other cool perennials to be had at great prices, that one could only find on line otherwise.

There were other things I needed, but will be going back sometime fairly soon. I'm getting her some Corn Gluten Meal and 4 bags of Milorganite. She has an hours drive for the Milorganite and there is no place that she knows of in her neck of the woods to get the Corn Meal.

She says she uses the Milorganite on everything she pots up, as it fertilizes, but never burns. I'm getting 2 bags for myself while I'm getting it.

I've been perusing her Iris price list, and will be ordering several. I've checked her prices, and hers are usually 1/2 or less than the prices listed for the on line I will save shipping by picking them up. I'm concentrating on getting a number of rebloomers. She only lists them as rebloomers, if they reliable rebloom for her, which makes it nice.

Hey, count me among the cheap ones too. I like to stretch my plant buying dollars.

Blueberry Breakfast is pretty, and that is a good deal that you get a clump of them on the spot.

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

Hydrangeas Lemon Daddy and Little Honey.Yellow peony,gold and varigated(Butterfly"?)jap.maples.

I've lusted after the tricolored beech but they won't grow here.


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Congrats on the tricolor beech. I've had one for several years now--it's a slow grower, mine is only about 8 x 5" after all these years, so the tree you got was a great bargain. I bought mine from Franks Nursery and Crafts, which went under a long time ago.

The other plants you bought sound really interesting. I had Conca d' Or lily, but sadly it did not survive our winters.

My dream plant would be the variegated aralia--it's hard and pricey to find even by mail order--I think I would faint dead away if I ever found it at a local nursery.

Just came across the interspecies lily cross 'Pink Jazz', think that's another one I would jump up and down for if I found it for sale at a nursery.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I've lusted after the tricolored beech but they won't grow here.

P, I see according to Klehm's They are hardy in zones 5-7. Kate (kms4me) is growing it in a colder zone than what they recommend. Maybe it would work for you in a warmer than suggested zone.

My dream plant would be the variegated aralia-
I was very fortunate to receive one of these (would have to check my tag) in a trade last year. LMK if you might want to contact her about a possible trade. I can point her then to this thread and let her know you are lusting after one. She is in IL and had what I would call a one GA when we traded. Possibly you have something she has on her want list, as I know you have 'cool' stuff....seeds anyway. Maybe she would have some cuttings available for trade at least. If I remember correctly, she had a whole hedgerow of them as mature shrubs. Mine is in a temporary place as it's mature size is 10' tall and 6'-8' wide with rapid growth.
hmmmm....Pink Jazz seems to be an exclusive and is hardy in (USDA Zones 5-9, the colder climates of this range must provide winter mulching

Yesterday I went to a huge flea market. There is always one vendor there that I can count on the have at least one or two things of interest to me and she is quite reasonable.

Well I SCORED yesterday. Her perennials were $5 each or 3 for $12 and I found 6 goodies I did not have, thus needed.

Could I maybe be out of control?

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I had a great time at the daylily nursery. I thought of you because they had 2 of these in the house gardens!

I ended up with 6 clumps of daylilies for $36 so that's not bad at all.

I went on a garden tour and thought of you. I don't think I saw a variegated aralia, but I did see the cool looking plant on the link below. I thought oh Kate would love this one!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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yes sue!! you are out of control!! LOL **big grin** that's why you are a gardner and among them and only we understand!! **huge smile** but that is cool that they had them that cheap!! i think i woulda bought the place out!! LOL **big smile** ~Medo

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