Where's Sue?

jim_6b(TN)July 26, 2009

I haven't seen you posting lately. I hope everything is well. Tried to send 2 emails but both were rejected.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Jim,

Yes, everything is all right here, just either very busy, gone, or else very worn out.

I acquired a puppy June 12th and life has not been the same since. I compare having a puppy to having a 2 year old. If I leave home for very long, I have to either take her with me, or make arrangements for her. She swims in her water bowl, so there is not much assurance she will have any water to drink for much time if I leave her tied while I'm gone.

She is a joy though.

My sweet late night surprise

Thank's for asking about me. I really don't know why your emails to me were rejected. My mailbox is not full, or near full. Would you mind sending a 'test' email please? I have an alternate email addy, but don't give it out, as I don't check it but once every few months.


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Hi Sue, I think the email problems were on my end.
I hope you are enjoying the new addition to the family. We live on a dead end street and many people use it to drop off their unwanted animals. Unfortunately they walk back down the street and end up in our yard when they see the kids.

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She's adorable!
Glad it was a puppy that kept you away and nothing bad.

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