Steep rock bank

forrest-2010July 9, 2010

I am in the process of putting rock on a steep bank with about 60 - 70 degress slope. I going to be using 2"-4" basalt chip on the bank. My question is this ---I would like to put down landscape fabric prior to putting rock on the slope. But I am very worried the landscape fabric may "slip" and slide tons of rock back down the slope (approx 100 tons of rock). Would it be best to not use the landscape fabric so the rock can "bite" into the slope better? The fabric would help prevent weeds from growing which is what I am trying to prevent. Any thought on this would be helpful as I dont know which way to go. Thank you in advance!

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Time out! Lead us through your thought process. You have a steep slope. How wide? How high? Is it eroding? What is the soil type? Sand, clay, filled with rocks? It sounds as though you need to stabilize the slope and never want to deal with weed growth. This is not possible either with or without landscape fabric as those pesky weed seeds grow through it easily and in either case you will need to use Round-Up on as needed basis. Yes, the fabric will not allow the rock to 'bite' into the soil on such a steep bank. Is this perhaps a situation where a retaining wall might be the better solution? There may be some ideas forthcoming with additional details.

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I agree with nandina inquiring minds want to know.

The maximum slope for a residential is 2' horizontal for every 1' of vertical height. This is called out in your local grading ordinances. Am I understanding you have a steeper slope than that? If that is so then the rock and soil over a 2:1 slope will erode by its own weight and may cause damage below the slope(neighbor?). If it is a natural slope that exists on you property alone I would cut the slope back to 2:1 and plant ground-cover not rock. Rock will not help the erosion and will make it worse. You may want to plant ground-cover through burlap or jute matting to help temporarily with erosion before the ground cover takes hold and spreads. JMHO. Aloha.

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