Left bulbs out in the rain what should I do?

junebugapril(5)October 31, 2013

I left my leftover bulbs out on my balcony. It rained last night, should I bring them into the house and dry them out, or should I hang them in cloth bags in the garage to dry out?

I don't really have enough containers to plant them. I also don't have anywhere outdoors to plant them.

Yikes, what should I do?

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Spread them out to dry in a single layer wherever you have space. After you are sure they are completely dry, you can store in the mesh bags hung in the garage. Al

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Perfect! Does it matter if I put them in the dark garage, or keep them in the house? The garage is about 60 degrees, the house is about 72 degrees.

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Yes the dark cool garage is much better. Al

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Thanks you guys, I'll let you know in the spring, if this works! :) Fingers crossed.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

what kind of bulbs were they ? ! !
Just spread them single layer on newspaper or similar. You can air them by a fan too, for quick result. May be next time ? if already too late. .

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I've got them laying on a beach towel, and I keep turning them. They feel dry now that they have been drying about 24 hours. The Daffodil bulbs were in a big mesh bag and very wet, so I took them out of the bag.

The Tulip bulbs are in little packages. Plastic with holes. They seem to be pretty dry so I haven't taken them out of the little bags.

A fan, good idea, I will do that.

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If you don't have anywhere outdoors to plant them now (and not enough containers), what to you expect to do with them in spring?

Spring blooming bulbs should be planted now. Planting them in spring is working at cross purposes, as well as the longer your store them out of the ground/unplanted, the more likely they are to deteriorate. They do not store overwinter very well unless you offer rather special conditions - cool, dark and dry. Too warm, bright or humid and they will attempt to sprout. Too dry and they desiccate. Neither is a good thing.

If you can't plant them now, give to someone who can.

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The bulbs are going to go in containers in my garage. I have some of them already planted in containers safely tucked away in my garage.

I am waiting for the rest of my annuals in containers to die back so I can use those containers for the rest of the bulbs.

How long can I wait to plant them if they are going to be in the garage and brought out in April when they sprout?

Is December too late?

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