Speaking of Brits and hedges in the same breath...

adriennemb2(z3/4)July 15, 2012

I recently adopted a hedgehog, a pet which is totally new to me. So when I googled to learn more about them, these images of hedges from the UK came up too. Apparently, the Brits have more patience and time on their hands than some of the rest of us :)

And let's not even start on the topiaries...

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I've linked a video about a hedgehog that will warm your heart-

Here is a link that might be useful: Percy's story

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Thank you cearbhill for the lovely video with a happy ending. It showed me as well that I could probably put the hedgehog outside safely in the enclosed kennel on nice days - our five rescue cats who can and do use that space freely have already developed a mad respect for the spiny little guy. Shall we just say, "lessons learned"?

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Hedgehogs are a gardeners friend, eating slugs and snails and other undesirables. They have a cute nose and chubby little hands which they curl up under them if they feel threatened and what you see is a prickly ball. They also carry around some nasty parasites. Mythologically hedgehogs are a delicacy of gypsies who supposedly enclose the creature in a ball of clay and put this on an open fire, when the clay is hard baked it cracks open exposing the meat within, with spines stuck to the clay. I have never tried it but chances are, without a huge dollop of ketchup it might taste a bit like road kill.

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