Low Voltage wiring

woodie6July 9, 2014

I have a LV garden lighting system pulling 90 watts on a 200w power supply lighting 15 LED lamps. It was here when I bought the home.
When edging around a tree island I whacked through the exposed power cord that powered the last three island tree lights. I thought that I'd just splice in a longer section of power line so I could re-bury the line. I used gel filled connectors for the splices. When I tried to re-power the system the first tree uplight started to strobe and other two on the line would not power up? I have never worked with LED lights and am stumped. Any ideas on why the LED light would strobe? All the lights before the splice work fine.

Thought: can I mix LED and Halogen bulbs?

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A couple of thoughts ...

1 - the light that is strobing may have failed, coincidentally with the wire damage, and it's blocking current to the end ones. Swap the lights at the end with working lights to see if it's lights or wires.

2 - the connections might not be good enough and you are dropping too much voltage. check voltage beyond the splice and see what you have. Try re-making the connection with a tightly wrapped and soldered connection.

3 - it's vaguely possible that the lights have a + and - side and you swapped wires. Check them for polarity.

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