Please...suggestion for the pond area and backyard

glaswegian(5b, Ont)July 2, 2010

Hello folks,

We bought this house last month here in Ontario Canada, waiting to take possession in weeks. What you see in the pics is how the sellers have it now.

There is a pond there with no fish in it. I am looking for suggestions to make the pond area "POP", and for the surrounding to be welcoming.

We will like a Lilac tree there somewhere for scent, and am thinking of clearing all that bush, and replace it with small plants.

Your suggestions are welcomed

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glaswegian(5b, Ont)

Thanks for that design, really appreciate it. I intend to clear all that weed/bush along the back fence and replace it with low shrubs and a very scented tree like Lilac

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Please understand that I absolutely HATED hearing this when we first moved to our home, but it's very true. What you should do right know is wait. See what you have in your yard already. Learn abut the plants that are there, and learn about the patterns of sun, shade, wind, rain, snow, ice, etc. Observe and think and take notes and research for a full year before you take action. Take photos during winter so you can see the bones of the garden, without being distracted by the fluff that's growing now. Look at books and magazines to note what ponds and gardens and appeal to you, and take notes about what aspects really pleased you. But don't plant or eliminate until you know your new environment a great deal better than you do right now.

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karinl(BC Z8)

Are those tall things... lillies? Or am I dreaming? If they are, that may be a spectacular planting. It is nicely done already, just that the plants have all grown a bit too big. Divide them all down to a third the size they now are, eliminate the odd thing you really don't like, and yes, wait out a winter. You will see then how the pond looks when it is more exposed; it may be a bit mundane. It's quite artful as it is.

If you need to replace something, those hideous evergreen columns could go - to be replaced with nicer selections of narrow evergreens; there are dozens of both columnar and weeping selections. But first, evaluate what sights and sightlines they block, and whether they are in the right place and whether they are wide enough/too wide.

And wow, prune whatever's on the fence. Looks like something with territorial aspirations.


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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Are those tall things... lillies?

I've been wondering if they're some sort of flowering perennial. I've got a lot of things in the creek that I don't pay much attention to and can't identify until they bloom: evening primrose, Joe Pye weed, New England aster for certain, and who-knows-what else!

I'm under the impression they all have long leaves and upright stems which eventually become quite woody. With enough water, they'll grow 6-8' tall (or more). Pretty when they bloom, but definitely thuggish, and they'd take over the whole almost-two acres if I let them.

Maybe post a closer pic in the Perennials forum and ask if anyone can identify them.

The area around the pool was definitely planned and maintained, so I'm assuming the the previous owner felt the tall things in the background were also desirable.

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