Drain pipe connection

abufish(z10 CA)July 7, 2013

So we want to take care of one of our side yards' drainage issue. It's very straight forward. The side yard has nothing but gravel, we just need to run a solid pipe from downspout to front yard trench.

I plan to use this pipe:

Also need a couple of couplings and Tees.

The person at homedepot said these pipes can not be glued, that I can use PVC tapes to wrap them after I fit everything together. Is this true? I watched several Youtube videos with people using corrugated black pipe they kind of just snap it in.

Thank you!

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Your plan sounds simple enough, but there can be complications to drainage depending on the details, of which you do not offer many. Even if you're draining a single downspout, a 3" pipe will probably not be sufficient to handle a heavy rain. Can it be presumed that the intended run is downhill 100% of the way ... even at the end? If the outfall end will be buried in gravel, it will slow water trying to empty out of the pipe. I would avoid the corrugated black plastic. Because it can't be glued together, roots love to grow inside of it.

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abufish(z10 CA)

Thank you for your reply! Yes it is downhill 100% of the way and hang over a little ditch in the end. There's actually a rain barrel connected to the downspout so the water is reduced as well.

What would be the best method to connect these pipes to fittings? glue? or tape? Thank you !

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PKponder TX(7b)

We temporarily installed a 4 inch solid pvc to divert rainwater from a downspout until we can afford to regrade the sideyard and install a dry creek bed. We just dry fit the unions between the two pipes and made sure of the slope to send the water to the driveway. It's above ground and coyote ugly but my spare room is no longer flooding.

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I've not seen that black plastic tape used on drainage pipe anywhere outside of California, but when I was working there we used it all the time with no callbacks. If that's still the preferred method, I say go for it. And be grateful you can get it, because that stuff is the BEST for strapping a load of pipe or 2x4s for transport.

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deviant-deziner(Oh zone)

that type of pipe interlocks together. If you're pulling on the pipe you can use the black tape, otherwise this pipe connects together effectively.

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abufish(z10 CA)

Thank you all responders! I think I will go ahead and use the tape.

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