Help ID fungi in gritty mix?

rubyjchangOctober 24, 2012


I have reported on this problem in my mix previously before but it does not seem to be as bad. But now, I pretty frequently see this yellowish roundish growth on some of the barks of the gritty mix. I am rather concerned.

Are these molds harmful? Is it just slime mold?

I don't have an actual picture of the soil but I found a very very similar picture of the fungi growth online.

Please help ID this fungi? Or any tips are welcome! I really don't overwater... around every 3 days for gritty mix is really not overwatering?!...)

Thank you,


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Ruby, are you certain these are fungi and not salts from hard water or fertilizer? If they are salts you may need to flush with distilled water, and in the future use water treated with acid.

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Your mix does not look at all like my gritty mix. It looks more like peat than bark. Al

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Your mix doesn't look anything like mine. Mine has never held any kind of fungus or salts.

It looks like a peat mix. I see no perlite, granite, turface, or bark.


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Hi guys: The soil in the pic isn't a gritty mix and isn't the OP's container. The Aloe is in a sludge peat soil the image is from somebody else and found by the OP.

Hard water calcium build up and/or salts on the surface could be the problem by pooling/perching.
Ruby: Every three days intervals for watering COULD be to often even if it where in a gritty mix. Mike M stated 4 ingredients that can be used in a gritty mix pick any three items he mentioned, sift and rinse them 1/8 inch or larger as a 1-1-1.

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thank you for clarifying! The picture really ISN'T my gritty mix... that is an online picture found that has a similar problem to mine (the yellowy stuff).

The gritty mix is sifted 1:1:1 at AT LEAST 1/8in or just a tad smaller (bigger than 1/16 for sure). There should not be a watering problem since there is a WICK in place.

I think it is a problem with the bark. Because all of the other pots don't have this problem of fungi. It is just the Michelia which has this problem and the bark in that mix is pine bark that is of a different brand than the Repti Bark of the other plants.

I would like to inquire if anyone knows what type of fungi that would be and if that is something I should be concerned about.

I am positive that it is NOT salt buildup: not at pot rim, or top of soil, but about 2in deep into gritty mix. They are ROUND in shape.

Thank you,

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Thank you guys for any help!

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