What to do with new plants (for Winter)

JoppaRich(7b)October 25, 2012

I just got some plants in an order from FloridaHill. Anyone who has ordered from them knows their plants are a bit on the small side (but really cheap, so its ok).

Anyways, I got in a bunch of tropical/semitropical stuff, and some temperate stuff. The more tropical stuff (bananas, papaya) is going to come in for the winter with my Citrus.

I'm more curious about the figs,Mulberry, and muscadine grapes that I got. Normally, I'd figure they'd be fine outside for the winter (7b), but these are tiny plants that just came from warm florida, and its almost November, so I don't know if they have time to properly go dormant.

I have some unheated shed space (shed is attached to house, and has furnace/AC unit inside, but no light). Do I leave them out there for the winter, or should I just bring them in with the tropicals? I know a lot of temperate fruit needs some cold time to fruit, but I'm not worried about fruit right now.

Do they need cold to survive, or will they be fine inside for this winter (and outside next winter)

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

The fig, mulberry, and muscadine grapes need a cold rest. All would be hardy if in the ground, but a couple are borderline hardy in a container. I think the added few degrees the shed affords is a good idea, so I'd leave them outdoors in full sun until they lose their leaves, then put them in the shed ....... but be vigilant! Don't let them go dry & make sure the mice/voles aren't making a snack of their bark.


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