Winterizing my potted June bearing strawberries

sallyj461October 28, 2007

This is my first year growing strawberries and the plants have done well. I'm eager for next season when I'll have fruit but I want to be sure they make it through the winter! :)

I've read several articles, posts and so forth and everyone has different techniques so I'm looking for further direct suggestion. I live in central CT and have enjoyed 60-70 degree days all Sept and Oct (weird) and now we are expecting a frost (finally) tonight so obviously I'm stressing a little, having no idea what to expect my plants to survive in. :)

Some say mulch, some say cut them down, others say garage still others say leave them out...what's a girl to believe? Haha. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to ease my mind.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Burying the container against/near the north wall of a heated building and mulching with straw is a good strategy, but you may get some weed seeds arriving in the straw & it could attract rodents. Don't use leaves if there's danger of them getting wet & compacting.

If you're growing them in a container that's so large you don't want to bury it, or in a strawberry pot, the garage is a good alternative and helps guard against dessication.

Frost won't hurt the plant & you can move them back outdoors as soon as there isn't much danger of actual container soil temperatures dropping much below 27* or so.

Good luck.


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