Geotextile retaining wall bags makes great container

JerryVenturaOctober 18, 2013

I had some left over geotextile bags that you fill with soil and stack to make large retaining walls that flex, breathe, let the water through and will support native vegetation. I wanted to plant a fig tree this year in my front yard but I had a couple problems, the area hasn't been graded yet properly, and we have heavy clay soil here in Southern California, solution, raised bed. Instead I decided to use these bags that measure 18"x36", stack them in a circle to basically make a container. The picture really doesn't do it justice how big that is, but there are 8 bags filled with a mix some where between a Gritty and 5-1-1, great for growing and drains well. I made so much mix that I used a cement mixer to mix it, took three batches to fill each bag, plus had to fill the whole center. I'm so happy with it, the fig seems to love it. I had to stake up the side branches because we had Santa Ana winds that usually blow about 50-60 mph blow them over, so we staked them back up.

Anyway, people are always asking about grow bags, this is my home made version.

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That looks fantastic. How long did it take you to complete that project?

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You can't really go by me because I had to do it in batches and wait for someone to help me, because I was waiting for back surgery, I was determined to get that fig in the ground before I was laid up and I did. The bamboo edging and rock are temporary, I just didn't want the neighbors having to look at big stuffed black bags, they ain't pretty.

I had most of all the soil mix sifted and sitting in trash cans, the only thing I added to the mix that isn't in the Gritty Mix or the 5-1-1 is E.B. Stone Planting Compost. That Kobalt mixer from Lowe's was the best thing I bought, that and a big wagon with big pneumatic wheels, saved the rest of my back.

So Vertical G. S., right next to that fig I am trying out Plants on Walls system on one side of a square column, think I'll go all the way around, what type are you?


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For reference, this is a bag.

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