Sniff, sniff...broken and can't garden

kmpsmomJuly 15, 2009

Fellow GW friends,I am sooo sad. I feel and broke three bones in my right ankle last week. Can't do much except ask my girls to go out and water. Really miss being out there and hecking in my plants, seeds and am very sad. Anyone else out there have any good sugestions for dealing with this? I can't go downstairs yet so can't get outside. I'm having plant withdrawl!!!

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That's awful! I've been banned from gardening in summer before, but that was my arm so I could still get out there and see the mess, lol.
I'm not sure I have any good suggestions, but start looking at photos and stuff so you can plan what you will be doing next year.
When I was housebound a few winters ago. I traded for lots of seeds.
That's all I got, lol. I hope you heal quick!

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

Ow! So sorry. Catch up on all your GW reading of posts. Email some GW friends. Plan, Plan, Plan! Due to health reasons I have not been able to do much this year. It's really hard to watch things not get done but you have to do what you have to do.

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If you have video on demand on tv then look up some gardening shows (HGTV) so you can enjoy other's beautiful flowers, or send someone to the library and check out gardening videos.
I hope you feel better soon.

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I'm so sorry about it, Km...understand what it can feel like, I couldn't do much last summer due to a stroke on my right side. I made seed pkts using my right hand slowly, was determined to keep myself occupied, did seed trades, typed emails, recipes and all with my left hand, hope this gives you some ideas, you'll soon recover, take it easy and take good care.
Music and a laugh here and there are a help. Btw, have you checked Jim-b's Poem in here?
I'm sure there are bright spots in your life that make it easier.
well wishes,

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hey!! you could get things ready for winter sowing!! **onery grin** i know you will be doing that!! RIGHT!!!! **sideways look**** LOL that can be a sitting down thing! :') **big smile** HUGS ! ~Medo

Keeping ya in my prayers :')

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Thanks for all th terrific ideas - even Medo's! LOL My husband already thinks WSing is a sickness and you want me to start now?!? I'm finishing up a RR trying to get rid of the extra's I won't need so let's not put the cart before the horse...Thanks to all, Ann

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Km I know how you feel. I fell last winter and did a good number on myself. Im now getting around real good. YEAH! Decided it was time to come back after almost a year away and then hubby falls and breaks his arm! So I think its "going around". I hope you have a fast and speedy recovery and its nice to see all the familiar names again!

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Thanks to eveyrone who has been encouraging me - my husband took me back to the ER because my pain meds were not working. I felt like Linda Blair in The Exorcist - only I think my head only swung part way around. LOL! Feeling a little better but still want to be walking around collecting seeds which I really can't do! Cheers, Ann

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my doc said it always gets worse befor it gets better. that was definately true!! i think i hit total rock bottom befor i almost lost it then we went to the docs and things started to get lots better!! WHEW!!! **big smile** of course i think only you and maybe 1 other knows most of this. **grin** its been really hard, but it does get better!! i keep praying for ya Hon!! things will get better!! With Gods help it will ~medo remember, keep thinking positive!! :')

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darlene87(z7 Wa)

You are not alone. I fell 2 weeks ago, broke my foot, and some ribs. Seen the doc Fri. and he gave me a lecture that I was not healing, to stay off that foot. I had hubby take me to the library, and got books on the plants I am interested, like fushias, viburnums, daylilies, etc. I still have hands to take my notes. This too shall pass, just be more cautious as you walk. I wear only walking shoes, but fall often, as a side affect of epilepsy. Plan your garden for next year, and do some research on plants you are interested in.

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Keeping you both in my prayers as well. I'm still recovering from spinal fusion surgery and can't garden either. I'm doing lots of planning :) DH and DSs are taking care of my gardens this year. So, they're maintaining, but we aren't planting anything new and I'm not swapping or trading :( It's a forced withdrawal!


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