Edging for Breeze/Crusher Fines

aloha2009July 29, 2012

Any good ideas for an edging when using breeze/crusher fines for a curved 45' walkway? Since it can get messy, we know we need something. We want a "natural" look. DH doesn't want to line it with larger rocks.


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I have the same question so Im going to follow this post until someone response..We have the same problem as you so this is great....

Here is a link that might be useful: Adding Crystals to your Garden

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

Not natural, not cheap, but it is functional and visibly unobtrusive; steel edging...

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brick, cobblestone, granite edging

heres a link to the previous discussion, I think the edging is an important part of the choice to use crusher fines as the material for the path.

Here is a link that might be useful: path discussion

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Bahia, we have a lot of leftover steel edging from what we've ripped out from the PO. We have that now as an interim, as we wait to have the breeze delivered. I guess with it sticking out w/o the mulch higher on one side and no breeze in the interior, a lot of steel is exposed and begins to rub me the wrong way to say the least.

Thanks drtygrl for my old link. I've referred back to it on occasion but sometimes things catch me better at other times. I used the wrong term of large rocks when I should have used cobblestones. I had to look for granite edging as I hadn't seen that before, and I like it a lot! Since we don't too much of anything, I'm keeping my fingers crossed on perhaps some free/inexpensive brick on CL as an option too.

Drtygrl, I hope you refer back to this thread as I think we got off on the wrong foot quite awhile ago. I do think aloud and it can take me awhile (sometimes months) to see how something may work. You did a quick sketch of an idea for me and we are actually going to do several of the ideas. Though it didn't seem right at the time and I didn't want a 3rd patio area it ultimately makes the most sense. When we finally came up with end design and yes it's FINALLY done, I thought back to the rendition you had drawn a year before and some of the similarities. As painful as it is for me, for some decisions, I have to grind through all the possibilities before making the final decision. It's one of the many reasons I just prefer doing the design by myself, I know I second guess way to often whether it be a pro or myself. I've used this and other forums to get perspectives, knowledge and creativity that I hadn't thought of. I like to give back when I can, and sit back and wait for others who are more knowledgeable then I, so I can yet learn more.

Usually my DH is alright about spending money on the landscaping but for some reason he sees this area as strictly utilitarian as a way to get from point A to point B. At approx 45' long and up to 30' wide (on an average city lot), I see it as a place to build a peaceful private oasis. It will take years before I think he can appreciate my vision.

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I just posted the thread because when I saw your post I remembered the other thread. When I searched the other thread, I thought the discussion was valuable. I think you have gotten lots of good advice here, and I figure you probably agree because you keep coming back both to ask and answer questions.

We did get off on the wrong foot. IMO thats water under the bridge, I am not one to hold a grudge.

Glad you feel like you are making progress with your landscaping. Post some pictures when you can!

Granite edging could be called curbing and come in the size you think of urban curbs; but I also have used narrow granite pavers as edging with success. They are usually 2in thick, by 6"x18" or there about. With the pieces being 18" long, it depends on how curved the walkway is whether they would work or not.

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No pics since work has been staining the underside of the deck a tan to match the house (love it!), digging drainage trenches, relaying sprinkler lines and regrading our beach. It will be nice when this all comes together...hardscaping this fall, softscaping next spring.

No snake walkway for us, only 2 curves over 45' so I might still be able to use these. I googled several that were smaller. I'm not sure what's readily available. If I find something though on CL, I think with my DH not being into this area, I may just be better off going for the cheap on this one.

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