what bug is this on my jasmine???

medontdo(8)July 26, 2008

i sprayed them all off, but still!! and i checked ALLLLLL of the others, LOL ~Medo

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Medo, hard to tell from the picture-can't enlarge it..are the caterpillars striped black/gold-green and white? If so, they are to turn into Monarch Butterfly, milkweed being their favorite host plant, also Passion vine-in here anyway. I think you'd already know it, but never can be sure, took me years to realize what was eating my parsley weren't just any caterpillars, I was geting rid of future butterflies, oh well, garden and learn.----Bea

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Hey!! Is it aphids? Aphids come in many different colors, and they like many different plants. They will totally stress out your plants. You can spray them off with soapy water. Sometimes I squish em with my fingers! gross I know, but I hate chemicals, cuz they kill good bugs too - Sha

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

I was thinking the same as Sharon medo,looks like a clump of green aphids to me. I do it just like Sharon....squish!

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On second look they don't resemble caterpillars at all...you might be right, could be aphids, I just never seen them anywhere on milkweed except the tips , among the buds. Nothing wrong squishing them with gloved hands and spraying with soapy water.

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